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Go on a hiking adventure

What to do in Macedonia

Try paragliding

Try paragliding

What better way to enjoy the Macedonian scenery than viewing it from up in the air?

Paragliding offers a different kind of thrill, an over-the-top experience, and a special view of the Macedonian landscape.

No worries if you haven’t tried it before, because you can do tandem flying, wherein a pilot will steer your paraglider while you are seated right behind him, concerned about nothing but taking in the immense beauty of Macedonia.

Paragliding can last for up to thirty minutes. The view, of course, depends on your location.

Skopje, for instance, offers a view of the cityscape. Lake Mavrovo will treat you to the scenery of a glistening water surface.

And when you fly in Krushevo, your eyes will be overwhelmed with views of valleys and forests.

Join a wine tasting tour

Join a wine tasting tour

Wine has been part of the Macedonian society since the ancient times, so if you visit the country, take time to have a genuine Macedonian wine experience.

All this is possible in Tikves, the country’s wine region. It is very active in wine tourism and invites guests to a wine tasting tour.

The tour is a one-day adventure. Usually, hosts accommodate only four participants at a time.

The tour normally starts in the vineyards, where healthy and productive vines seemingly stretch to infinity.

In some vineyards, guests are allowed to harvest grapes for winemaking.

The tour continues to the wineries. Here, guests can sample different kinds of quality wines, which are often served with hors d’oeuvres such as cheese and ham.

A nice bonus is that wineries offer guests 5% to 10% discount for every wine purchase.

Take on a rock climbing expedition

Take on a rock climbing expedition

Satisfy your adventure-seeking urges by tackling one or two of the rock climbing areas in Macedonia.

Because the country is particularly mountainous, it offers plenty of options − and more rock climbing areas are still waiting to be discovered.

Matka, the limestone canyon on River Treska, is the most popular climbing location in Macedonia. It is 150 meters high and has over 60 routes, some of which are short ones, measuring only 30 meters. But overall, the routes have III to VIII grades.

Other rock climbing areas include Demir Kapija and Soulunska Glava.

Rock climbing is an extremely challenging feat and should only be done by experienced climbers.

Go on a hiking adventure

Go on a hiking adventure

If you want to see the beautiful Macedonian landscape up close, gear yourself up for a hiking adventure in the mountains, valleys, and plains of Macedonia.

As you traverse the land, expect the country’s beauty to unfold before your very eyes.

Macedonia offers several trails. Depending on the location and difficulty level, hiking can last from a few hours to several days.

For instance, hiking from Mt.Vodnoto Canyon Matka will take just up to five hours, but hiking from Mt.Babato Pelister is a three- to five-day tour.

But however long the journey is, your hiking adventure will be an exciting way to explore Macedonia– its lakes, peaks, villages, ancient structures, dense forests, and the overall picture-perfect environment.

Experience thermal spa

Experience thermal spa

After all your expeditions and sightseeing adventures, reward your body with a spa treatment.

Thermal spa is especially famous in Macedonia.

Thermal spa resorts make use of thermal spring water, which has been proven to have therapeutic properties. In fact, thermal water has been used as treatment in Macedonia since the ancient times.

Today, Macedonia has several spa resorts, the oldest of which is Katlanovo. It has been operating since the Greek period.

Over all, the spas in the country offer topnotch service, impressive facilities, and a tranquil environment.

And when you step out of the door, you’ll feel immensely rejuvenated.