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Horseback Riding

What to do in Iceland


Hiking There are many great spots in the country where you can indulge in this activity. Actually, hiking is one of the most favored activities of many visitors to Iceland.

Among the different variations of hiking, glacier hiking is one of the most popular types, not only among tourists, but among the locals as well. You can also opt to hike in other places of different surface types, which include springy moss, lava rock and safe-looking terrains with hidden holes.

Should you choose to go hiking, make sure that you have the right equipment and that you are wearing sturdy walking boots.

Tourists can go hiking on their own, but to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you join organized hiking tours, especially if you are not familiar with the place.

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing Whether you are an experienced fisherman or you just want to try it out, Iceland has ideals spots for you to try sport fishing activities. Ice fishing, in particular, is quite popular during winter.

In general, the country is known for salmon and trout fishing. Salmon fishing is typically done from the latter part of June up to the middle of September.

The regular season for trout fishing is from April or May, up to the latter part of September or early October. This kind of fishing depends on your location, so it is best that you get an experienced guide to help make sure that you are on the right track.

Visitors who wish to go salmon fishing must acquire a permit in advance. This is not the case for trout fishing though, where one can obtain the permit on short notice, or even on the same day that one wishes to go fishing.


Swimming The best thing about swimming in Iceland is that the waters are generally warm wherever you are in the country. This is why swimming is a favorite activity in the country among both tourists and locals.

There are numerous sources of hot water in the country, and every town has a swimming pool – or pools.

Aside from the pools, there are also various resorts in the country where you can take a relaxing dip. You can also opt to check out the swimming complexes that typically have steam rooms, saunas and solariums.

River Rafting

River Rafting If you love action and adventure, and you are not easily satisfied with swimming or soaking in warm baths, river rafting may be just the thing you seek.

There are many prominent river rafting sites throughout Iceland. The country has many naturally made glacial rivers, complete with swirling waters and rugged terrain – ideal rafting spots for adventure-loving visitors.

Many rafting operators in the country offer different types of rides that you can take, depending on your capability. Newbie rafters can opt for the easier routes, while those who are more familiar with the sport can try the harder courses and more difficult rides.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding It was over a thousand years ago that the Vikings came to Iceland with their horses. Although this was more than 10 centuries ago, the breed of horses in the country remains pure.

The horses in Iceland are strong, muscular, and sure footed. They are able to carry their passengers over even the most difficult terrains in the land.

Although the horses are relatively small, they can be trusted when it comes to speed and stamina. They are also generally docile and quite friendly.

The horses in Iceland can be enjoyed not just by experienced riders, but also by first-timers.

There are certain tours that bring you to places that can only be reached via horseback; take this chance not only to enjoy the ride but also to savor your surroundings and the other scenic spots that you will be seeing on the way.