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Ten interesting facts about Hungary

Tokaj, where Tokaji wines are made, is mentioned in the National Anthem of Hungary. It can be found on the 3rd line of the 3rd stanza, where it states, “in the grape fields of Tokaj.”

2. Hungary has a wedding tradition called the “money dance,” where the bride places her shoes in the middle of the room, and anyone who wishes to dance with her can do so after putting money in the shoes.

3. Students and writers in Hungary believe that touching the stylus of a statue called Anonymous, located near Hungary’s Heroes’ Square, brings good luck.

4. The famous goulash, which is now served in hotels and restaurants, was once considered food for the poor since it was most often consumed by poor shepherds in the olden days.

5. Who says you can’t speak Hungarian? Paprika is simply “red pepper” in Hungarian.

6. The most important spice in many Hungarian dishes is paprika.

7. The famous Rubik’s cube was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian inventor named Ernő Rubik. It was awarded German Game of the Year in 1980. To date, it has become the world’s best-selling game.

8. It is a tradition in Hungary to open gifts on December 6, St. Nicholas Day, instead of on Christmas Day.

9. Before the 18th century, Budapest City Park was a big watery swampland. It had to be drained and trees had to be brought in to turn it into the beautiful public park that it is today.

10. In olden days, if a woman walks on the street with a man, she always had to stay on his right side because the man’s left side was where he kept his sword.