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When to visit Greece

Most travelers plan their visit to Greece during the scorching summer season, thinking that it is the best time to pursue outdoor recreation in the islands. The heat, however, can be very unbearable for those who prefer the city over the beach. The capital, Athens, experiences temperatures exceeding 40 °C (104 °F) during summer.

It’s best to book your vacation in late spring or early autumn for a more comfortable weather, if sitting idle in the sandy beaches is not the main priority of your Greek holiday.

Coming to Greece in April and early May affords visitors a look at the wildflowers all abloom in the countryside. Hikers and mountain trekkers will definitely appreciate this time of the year. You will have more of Greece sans the crowd as tourist arrivals are fewer in number during spring.

Spending your vacation adrift at sea entails reasonable planning, as charter companies usually operate from May to September. Do check the latest weather bulletins to know the current weather situation before setting sail.

Festivals such as the Carnival, falling in February before Lent, and Greek Easter highlight the age-old religious traditions of the Greek people. There are numerous colorful events that bring out a lively atmosphere in the towns and cities.

As most of the Greek population favor August as their vacation month, book hotels and tickets for inbound travel well in advance to avoid the thick crowds. Winter travel is unheard of in the Greek islands as most transportation modes run on limited hours in that season.