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When to Visit Germany

Just like all European countries, Germany has four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Spring is a good time to visit Germany. After a long period of winter, the flowers start to bloom and the weather is perfect for sightseeing and strolls around the city.

The weather can still be unpredictable, though, at this time. Sometimes it is sunny; sometimes – especially in April, and in higher elevations ­– there still may come hailstorms and snow showers.

If you plan to visit Germany during spring, make sure that you buy your plane tickets and book your hotel way ahead of time. Some people find it hard to make reservations as the spring season comes near.

Spring season in Germany runs from April to May.

Summer in Germany runs from June to September. The weather is at its most pleasant, with the temperature varying only between 22 and 30 °C (72 and 86 °F). Humidity levels can be high, though, and there is always a chance of rain, especially in the afternoon.

A lot of tourists come to Germany during the summer, and the mix of people that you’ll be meeting in the country during this time makes the trip doubly exciting. However, because of the crowd, prices remain high in Germany in summer; hotels impose surcharges on peak months such as these.

Fall in Germany is in October and November. This is a cozy time in the country, but as November approaches, it becomes quite apparent how short the days are getting.

If you want to avoid crowds and the peak season rates, then winter season is the best time for you to visit Germany.

Germany’s winter season runs from December to March. The daytime temperatures go from 0 to 5 °C (32 to 41 °F).

This is the season for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the different winter sports and events that happen in the country during this time of the year.