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Full English breakfast

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Steak and kidney pie

Steak and kidney pie

Steak and kidney pie is among the representative delicacies of British cuisine. This mouthwatering pie is filled with a mixture of diced kidney – from lamb, ox or swine – diced beef, onions, and gravy.

The English tradition of using meat fillings in pies started during the Middle Ages. Back then, meat was served in an open-top piecrust container.

Today these meat pies are still included in the list of favorite English dishes.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

Though one is more likely to associate England with Sunday roast than with curry, it is a fact that a curry called chicken tikka masala is one of England’s favorite dishes.

This creamy, spicy, orange dish is made of roasted chicken chunks marinated in spices then served in a rich-tasting and richly colored curry sauce called the masala, an Asian term that means “mixture of spices.”

The recipe varies widely but often includes tomatoes and cream, and always includes chicken pieces.

Foreign Secretary Robin Cook called chicken tikka masala as “a true British national dish.” This dish is now being exported by the UK to India and other curry-loving countries in South Asia.

 Toad in the hole

 Toad in the hole

Another traditional English delicacy you should definitely try during your visit to England is a dish called Toad in the Hole.

This scrumptious dish is basically a batter-covered sausage. It’s best served with steak, gravy, and vegetables.

The origin of this dish’s name remains undetermined. Some people say that it got its name from its resemblance to a toad extending its head out of a hole. Others say the name comes from the fact that toads like to hide in burrows, similar to the way the sausages are “hiding” in Yorkshire pudding.

Fish and chips

Fried fish fillet | Fish dish - fried fish with French fries and vegetables

In a rush to get to your next travel destination? Skipping meals is never a good habit. It’s a good thing there are several shops in England where you can buy fish and chips.

Fish and chips are the most popular takeaway food in England. That being said, it shouldn’t be surprising to see tourists munching on this simple but delectable meal while traveling along the busy streets of metropolitan England.

The dish typically consists of a deep-fried batter-covered fish paired with fried potatoes or chips. It’s very popular in the UK and even in the countries colonized by the British in the past (often known as Commonwealth countries).

Fish and chips became a staple takeaway food in Great Britain due to the development of fishing in the North Sea. In 1860, a Jewish proprietor named Joseph Malin opened the first ever fish-and-chips shop, which is now commonly called chippy.

Full English breakfast

Full English breakfast

The full English breakfast is a must-try meal for tourists with a big appetite. This plateful of delicious breakfast food will surely jumpstart your day, giving you lots of energy for all the sightseeing you’re planning to do.

The traditional full English breakfast consists of bacon, fried or poached eggs, fried mushrooms, sausages, grilled or fried tomatoes, and toast with butter. Some regions in England add hash browns, black pudding, and baked beans to the already hefty meal.

A mug of English breakfast tea is usually served along with the meal. The energizing black tea goes very well with milk and sugar.

Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding

Sunday Roast is a dish commonly served during lunchtime on Sundays. It’s composed mainly of roast meat partnered with gravy and Yorkshire pudding.

Yorkshire pudding originated in – you guessed it – Yorkshire, England.

Unlike many other puddings, Yorkshire pudding is eaten not as a dessert but as an appetizer or along with the main course, which is usually roast beef with gravy.

The ingredients of Yorkshire pudding include eggs, milk and flour. It’s cooked by mixing up all the ingredients and baking the batter under a piece of meat being grilled, so that the meat’s delectable juices fall right into the pudding.

The traditional way of eating Yorkshire pudding is by filling it with gravy and eating it with the roast beef with which it was cooked.

Yorkshire pudding can also be served with ice cream or jam for dessert.