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Experience the nightlife

What to do in the Czech Republic

Go shopping

Go shopping

Traveling in any place would not be complete if you don’t take home any mementos and souvenirs with you. Needless to say, there are many arts and crafts available in shops and other establishments in the Czech Republic that can serve as remembrances of your trip.

In fact, it is quite typical to find precious pieces of art and various handicrafts even while you are just strolling through the historic centers of various towns in the country.

These say a lot about the rich past of the place and how history has impacted the rich culture of its people today.

The different towns and cities in the country have various specialties. For example, you can get great geyser stone carvings and china ornaments in Karlovy Vary.

If you are a collector of semiprecious stones or you simply want to bring home a few as keepsakes, Bohemia is the right place to go. In many Moravian towns, you will find various stores that offer needle embroidery and lace pieces.

It would be good to remember to use local currency to pay for your purchases from craftsmen and regional artists who have their own stores.

Experience the nightlife

Experience the nightlife

The country may be breathtaking during the day, but the sights become even more spectacular at night. The nightlife is also different depending on where you are.

For example, in Prague, the night scene ranges from ballet, opera, and theater to casinos, bars, cafes, and jazz joints. In Malá Strana, there are many music venues that cater to tourists, while there are hip cocktail bars and known local clubs in the suburbs of Vinohrady.

In Karlovy Vary, there are cultural performances that are held at spa resorts. The city also houses an elegant casino.Brno, meanwhile, has various venues for cultural presentations, which include opera and ballet.

Try various water activities

try various water activities

The country is gifted with beautiful lakes, both natural and artificially made. You can go boating at these lakes, or simply view great sights.

If you are into fishing or perhaps just trying it for the first time, you will have lots of choices for the activity in South Bohemia and in Lednice-Valtice.

There are popular rivers in the country that are well visited by those who want to try canoeing. These rivers include the upper part of Vltava, Luznice, and Sazava.

As you explore the country, you will also find the right spots for windsurfing and sailing. There are certain shops that cater to people who want to buy or rent the equipment needed for any of these water activities.

Play golf

Play golf

Golfing is deemed to be an excellent activity in the Czech Republic. The country is actually being developed to become one of the most popular golf venues in Central Europe.

Here in the Czech Republic, not only would you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to golf courses, you will also enjoy the sights while indulging in your favorite sport.

Some of the popular golf resorts in the country include the Mariánské Lázne, which is considered one of the oldest golf clubs in the country. This was officially opened by the King of England, Edward VII, in the year 1905.

To make the most out of your golfing experience in the country, you might want to look into the packages that are offered by your preferred golf resorts. This way, you can plan the other itineraries on your tour and make sure they don’t clash with your golfing adventures.

For the pros, you may find it helpful to be up to date with the schedule of golf tournaments happening throughout the country. This way, you can schedule your visit to coincide with the tournaments that you want to watch or want to be part of.

Go to a spa

Young woman getting massage in bamboo spa.

The Czech Republic is rich with mineral baths and thermal springs. This is the reason why the place has a lot of spa resorts, especially in Moravia and Bohemia.

The thermal springs and mineral baths in the country are believed to contain healing elements that can cure various sicknesses and diseases. Many of the spa resorts here combine traditional ways of treatment with advanced medical routines to give their clients great services.

Some of the places that are known for their popular spas include Marianské Lazne, Frantiskovy Lazné, and Karlovy Vary. You can check online for information about the spas that are nearest your place of stay when you are in the country.

If you are seeking cures for nervous system disorders, you can try going to the world-renowned radioactive springs in Jáchymov. There is also a famous resort in Krkonoše, which is known as Janské Lazne.

When in the northern part ofMoravia, you can go to spas that implement the methods of treatment that were developed by a local doctor, Vincenc Priessnitz. These spas are located in Luhacovice and Jesenik.