Fiji, also referred to as the Fiji Islands, is a Melanesian country situated in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is blessed with warm tropical waters and volcanic mountains. It is composed of 332 islands, about 110 of which are said to be inhabited.

There is an ongoing debate about what the country’s national language should be. Its lawmakers want to make Fijian the country’s national language. However, less than half of the country’s 450,000 people use this as their first language; around 200,000 people speak Fijian as their second language, though.

As per their 1997 Constitution, Fiji has considered Fijian one of its official languages, along with English and Hindustani. This fact would not change even if Fijian becomes the national language of the country.

The dominant religion in Fiji is Christianity, particularly Methodism. Before this belief system was embraced by its locals, majority of its people believed in animism and divination. There are other people who follow Eastern religions, which include Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism. The diversity in religion is reflected on the public and religious holidays that the country observes. These include Christmas and Easter for Christians, Eid for the Muslims, and Deepwali for the Hindus.

More than half of the population is composed of Fijian people, who are considered the major indigenous people in the islands. There are other ethnic groups in the land as well, such as Rotuman, Indo-Fijians, Caucasians, Pacific Islanders, and Chinese.

The locals are very welcoming to tourists. Some of them invite to their villages and homes visitors who want to explore the place and learn more about it. This way, the locals can let them experience the great cultural wealth of this developing country.

In the past, political turmoil has caused negative effects on the country’s tourism. However, its tourism industry has upgraded the promotion of the resorts in the capital Suva and other places far from where political problems have occurred. Fijians have also lowered the prices of accommodation and travel packages to lure more tourists to come and explore the country.