Australia, officially called the Commonwealth of Australia, is part of the mainland of the Australian continent. It is known as the sixth largest country in the world, with a landscape that is filled with astonishing topographic features that attract many tourists from all over the globe.

In a 2001 census, it was found out that around 80% of Australia’s population speaks Australian English, which has its own well-known distinctive accent and terminologies.

Aside from English, the rest of Australia’s residents – which are mostly migrants – speak other languages: 2.1% speak Chinese, 1.9% speak Italian, 1.7% speak Vietnamese, and 1.4% speak Greek. The main language used by around 6,500 deaf people in Australia is known as Auslan, or Australian sign language, which is similar but distinct from the better-known ASL, or American sign language.

As of 2007, about 64% of Australian residents abide by the Christian faith. Around 18% of those who were asked in the 2006 census said that they did not have any religion. The rest of the population are part of the Buddhist and Islamic communities.

The people in Australia are diverse, and this can be observed in the differences in the people’s lifestyles and cultures. Presently, the population of the country is said to be around 21 million. More than 43% of the total population were either born in other countries or have parents who were born overseas.

Despite the cultural diversity in Australia, most people in this country are united and maintain a unified commitment to their nation.

Australians love sports and leisure. They are also included in the list of the hardest-working people in the world because of the long working hours that they follow in Australia.

While Australians often get stereotyped as being open, informal, and free speakers, such labels cannot be applied to everyone.