Romania is one of the few European countries that offer an enchanting display of historical, cultural, natural, and artistic wealth. This country, with such a quadruple package, is a rare treasure chest of contrasting national attractions.

Sitting at the intersection of the mountainous Central Europe and the Southeastern Europe plateau, Romania features rugged terrains which are set off in sharp contrast with scenic low plains. The country’s beautiful landscapes are best enjoyed through al fresco activities such as bushwalking, tramping, and trekking.

When visiting Romania, bring only devices that function at 220 volts, or make sure to have a ready to use voltage converter. Generally, electrical outlets in Romania accommodate only European-style two round-pin plugs.

Major Romanian cities such as the busy Bucharest metropolis resemble modern Western Europe, complementing old rural settlements at some parts of the country. At present, Romania proves to be one of the last nations in its region to preserve the historical traces of medieval Europe.

Romania’s affiliation to the Balkan Peninsula explains the prominence of Southeast European culture. However, the country also has significant manifestations of lingering Latin influences.

Native Romanians make up almost 90% of the country’s total population. Other ethnic groups include Hungarians, Gypsies, and Germans.

The romantic Latin-based Romanian language is the first and official language in the country, spoken by approximately 91% of the population. Prominent minor tongues include Hungarian, Vlax Romani, German and Turkish.

As a secular state, Romania does not have an official religion. However, almost 87% of the predominantly Christian population is comprised of Eastern Orthodox Christians.

Romania is one of the most visited countries in Europe not only for its outstanding national attractions but also for the one-of-a-kind accommodation offered to foreign tourists. Romanians are regarded as one of the friendliest and warmest people in Europe, if not in all of the world.