Vietnam is an exotic blend of history and culture, with its war-torn with years of battle and its various foreign influences lending a unique air to this now peaceful country.

Vietnam features a rich topography of mountains, caves, lakes, rivers, and beaches. This richness extends to the spiritual beliefs of its people, with believers of Buddhism (the major religion followed in Vietnam), Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, and Tam Giao found all over the country.

The population of Vietnam is nearing 80 million, 80% of which is composed of ethnic Vietnamese. The remaining 20% are made up of more than fifty ethnic groups, with roughly 7 million who are members of the hill tribes that live in the mountains of the north and central highlands of Vietnam.

Vietnamese is the official language of the country, but English is increasingly becoming widely spoken. Most of the youth have given great importance to learning English – a huge blessing to tourists making their way through the country.

Visitors to Vietnam will be greeted by a very hospitable people. The locals will be very accommodating with your questions, and they will try their best to help you out in whatever predicament you may find yourself in. Even with just a short stay in the country, you will find that you can easily and seamlessly fit into the culture of this people.

A visit to Vietnam will be a truly memorable one, highlighted by the country’s beauty and simplicity. It is a breath of fresh air, a unique experience that will take you far from your usual surroundings and give you a perfect vacation getaway.