In the midst of the Indian Sea lies a paradise island of golden-sanded beaches, lush forests, a treasure trove of biodiversity, and the most prized tea plantations in the world.

It is Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

This tiny country, with its rich and colorful chronicles of kings and gods, has one of the earliest and best documented ancient histories in the world – more than three thousand years of recorded history and civilization, to be more precise.

In this enchanting kingdom, you can find archeological treasures such as the Cave Temples of Dambulla, with their huge collection of Buddha statues; the well-preserved ancient palaces and monasteries of Anuradhapura; and the gigantic ocean-like moat built by the ancient rulers of Pollonaruwa.

As far as natural treasures go, Sri Lanka’s Hill Country remains a pristine piece of heaven on earth, where the cool fog settles in the morning and reveals a lush area of sparkling waterfalls and the greenest, freshest tea plantations in the world later in the day. In Sri Lanka’s elephant orphanage, you can get up close and personal with these gentle jungle giants.

Sri Lanka’s citizens are gentle “giants” as well. These proud people welcome guests with kind smiles and open arms as they introduce to you their amazing land, their delectable cuisine, and their celebrated national cricket team!

You may have some trouble with communication, for English is only fluently spoken by 10% of the population, but the Sri Lankans are very patient people, and they will find a way to understand you.

Buddhism is the religion of 69% of the population, while Hinduism comes a far second at 15%, and Muslim and Christianity are both at 8% each.

Although your trip to Sri Lanka can border on the ethereal, there are some practical things that you will have to consider. One of these is power supply, an inescapable feature of the modern world.

Should you decide to bring electronic gadgets to Sri Lanka, be aware that the electric sockets there release 230 volts of electricity, and the plugs accommodate three round pins arranged in a triangle. If your gadgets are not compatible with these features, you may need a voltage converter and a plug adapter – or you could charge your gadgets at home and just bring extra batteries with you.