Where else can one find a city with a perfect blend of culture and cutting edge technology but in Seoul. The South Korean capital is one of the rising stars of Asia, being the hub of Korean pop songs, online gamers and digital innovation, coupled by the enduring customs and traditions. The stark contrast is what makes the city alluring, inviting thousands of tourists each year.

Seoul does not have an airport of its own so travellers have to land in Incheon International Airport. The airport is connected to Seoul by the A’Rex train link, the Gimpo Airport that serves domestic flights and the express highway for buses. In Seoul City, traffic is quite common. One can get around efficiently by using the subway. Train cards can only be purchased through vending machines that accept coins and bills. Prepare two cards – for both ways of the train trip—so that it’ll be easier to go through the crowded platform gates. There is also the convenience of the re-chargeable T-Money card for the subway.  It can be bought from newspaper kiosks around the subway. T-Money can also be used when taking the bus.

One good tip so as not to get lost in the densely populated Seoul is to be familiar with the subway stations and the path of the Han River. One of the best features of the city is the Han River which is colourfully illuminated at night time. Its massive parks have outdoor gymnasiums, a wide bicycle path and clean restrooms. The high-tech city’s residents are also fond of taking hikes in the surrounding nearby mountains namely Bukhan, Gwanak, Samseong and Inwang. Among the must-visit places are Korea’s five palace complexes where tourists marvel at the royal history of South Korea.

There is no shortage of temples and shrines in the modern city.  Shopping can be done almost anywhere in Seoul but the most famous shopping area is Dongdaemun market.   At night, Dongdaemun turns into a festival of traditional street food.  One must not pass the opportunity of utilizing Seoul’s public spa which is open 24-hours a day for adults and children alike. A visit to the Lotte World or the Children’s Grand Park can also be an unforgettable time for the whole family. For a more quirky experience, you can go people watching at World Comic Convention where crowds of young people arrive in their cosplay attires. It happens twice a month at the SETIC convention.