South Korea is a country popularly known for its glamour and music. Korean fashion reaches to the far ends of the globe, and K-Pop, or Korean pop music, is gaining followers all over the world.

However, underneath all the glitter and shimmer of South Korea, there exists a nation that deeply cares for its history, its culture, and its people. Visiting South Korea is not just about going to a highly developed and entertaining country, it is also about immersing yourself in the truly unique South Korean way of life.

South Korea is always on the go. Everything and everyone is always in a hurry. However, it’s a positive sort of rushing — one that is caused by the people’s can-do attitude, which keeps pushing South Korea to advancements in practically everything.

While 46% of the country has no religious affiliation, Christianity and Buddhism account equally for the practice of the rest of the population.

There is only one major language in the country: Korean, which is spoken by all the locals. This unity in language has created a strong sense of national unity in the country. However, the nation places great importance in learning the global language of English, which is being aggressively taught in schools.

The political situation between North Korea and South Korea has been well documented. There is still tension between the two countries, but this tension is of no cause for worry when visiting South Korea. The proper treaties are in place to keep the people in South Korea from being harmed – that includes the tourists that are in the country, of course.

South Korea is a beautiful country to visit. Its people treat everyone with respect, and it has a lot of things to offer those looking for a getaway. Rest and relaxation is guaranteed in “The Land of the Morning Calm” that is South Korea.