Resting along the coasts of Southeast Asia is a country called Malaysia, a rich tropical paradise thriving with both culture and modernity. With a sophisticated blend of white sandy beaches and towering skyscrapers, of ancient temples and theme parks, Malaysia flourishes with a diverse cultural background and a drive for continuous innovation. It is also home to some of the world’s friendliest people, their warmth and kindness adding beauty to Malaysia’s already breathtaking landscapes.

Despite being divided into East and West Malaysia by the South China Sea, the country maintains peace and harmony among its people. As of 2010, about 28.3 million Malays, Chinese, Indians, and members of other ethnic groups make up its population. The differences in ethnicity and culture of Malaysia’s inhabitants form the unique social framework the country has today.

Malaysians speak a variety of tongues, but most of them use their national language – Bahasa Malaysia (Malay). Among other languages widely spoken are English and Chinese. Tamil can also be included in their list, as well as other ethnic dialects.

Malaysia is considered a Muslim country, with Islam as its official religion. More than half of the population profess the said faith, while others are given the freedom to choose their own belief system. Some religions also practiced are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and certain ethnic beliefs.

Malaysia’s multicultural society is not the only thing it can boast about. A land blessed with spectacular terrains and bountiful wildlife, Malaysia flaunts a wide range of lush greeneries and tropical rainforests one can visit and enjoy. It is even home to several rare plants and animals, some of which can only be found in the country.

Nature at its best – that’s Malaysia. Whether you prefer relaxing in a beachside resort or exploring forests and jungles, Malaysia never runs out of things to amaze its visitors. Here you can take a look at the world’s biggest flower, the Rafflesia, or simply search for the smallest pygmy squirrel. But if you prefer the waters, you could also go swimming and diving.

No Malaysian vacation is ever complete without meeting the locals themselves. With their smiles as sunny as their beaches, you would never feel as far away from home. No matter how different your cultures may be, no one is an outcast in this land of diversity.

It’s the perfect mix of nature and culture; of the old and the new; of the exotic, the familiar, and everything in between. Malaysia is not just a country; it’s a nation, a home, a playground, and yes, a slice of heaven on earth.