The City of Victoria was one of the first British settlements in the island of Hong Kong.  Also referred to by the locals as Central, the former Queenstown is the place to find a parade of European style buildings as evidence of the island’s colonial Past.  When headed to Central, everyone has to land in Hong Kong International Airport which is the only aviary facility in the whole island. From the artificial island of Chek Lap Kok, one may take the Airport Express, which is the quickest train route to Central.  While the Airport Express costs $100 to and fro, there is a cheaper alternative which is the 45-minute bus ride from the airport to Central.  The maximum fare for the bus is only $5.

There are two ways to get around Victoria. One is by the city’s 875-yard free escalator system where one can transfer between Central and Mid-Levels easily. The Mid-Levels is a famous residential area in Victoria. The Escalator path has roofed pedestrian walkways, 20 one-direction escalators, moving travelators and walk bridges.  There are already interesting sights and cool finds in the longest escalator in the world. One can pass by the Central Market and enjoy dried fruits and delicacies. There is also the Hollywood Road, the second major road to be built during colonization.  Designed and built by Queen Victoria’s royal engineers, this road used to have lines of antique shops. The place developed to become Hong Kong’s contemporary art district. Another historic place to witness is the Man Mo Temple which has stood on Hollywood Road since 1847.

During the exciting escalator trip, one can also stop by at the famous Soho for a gastronomic adventure. The place is flooded with food shops that specialize in Chinese and European gourmet. The whole system has a schedule for the one-way directions. Tourists must remember that until 10:00AM, it runs from the Mid-Level to Central. Those going out of the Central must wait until it runs to the opposite direction at 10:00AM.  Should you fancy a night out in Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong is where you should be at.

The other sightseeing method is using the Peak Tram.  Surely, tourists would want to visit Victoria Peak before going anywhere else. At an altitude of 1811 feet, it’s the best way to appreciate the Hong Kong skyline view, especially at night. It is crowned by the Peak Tower, a bowl-like 1306-foot tall building that has an amazing 360-degree view of Victoria and its neighboring towns.  The trip to the Peak takes only 15 minutes and it opens at 7:00AM daily.