Beijing is one of the biggest cities in the world, and one with the richest history, too. The capital city of China has always been the center of education, culture and politics of the country. One way to get to Beijing is by flying straight to the city, through Beijing Capital International Airport.  The airport has all the facilities that a traveller requires such as ATMs and money changers. There are also eateries but they’re quite pricy. There is a KFC at terminal 1 and two more at terminal 2.  There are restaurants at the basement of the airport which are cheaper than the upscale ones in the upper floors.

Tourists would usually take a taxi to their hotel from Beijing which may cost around 70 – 120 Yuan. Tourists must have the hotel’s name is written in Chinese when taking a cab. Note that Beijing’s highways are filled will toll gates and the fee must be shouldered by the passenger. The Airport Express passes through the three airport terminals. The train will take passengers to Sanyuanqiao and Dongzhimen stations, and from there travellers can transfer to another subway line to get to the city. Tickets cost only 25 Yuan. A much cheaper alternative to get to the city proper is to take a 16-Yuan ride on airport shuttles that will run to various locations in Beijing.

The best way to get around Beijing is by using its extensive railway system. There are high-speed trains going out of the city and there’s the Beijing Subway that only charges a flat flare of $0.32 or 2 Yuan. For multiple train rides, one can just avail of the Yikatong card which can be used for buses, or electronic money for some purchases. There are also some public buses that can get one to most tourist destinations but they are difficult to find and are usually packed.

Aside from the wonderful Chinese food, do not miss the Imperial Palace Museum when in Beijing.  Hiking at the Great Wall of China from Jinshaling to Simatai is definitely a must-do. There’s also the Temple of Heaven, which is a heritage from the Ming Dynasty from the 15th century.  Marvel at the sheer scale of the world’s large public ground, the Tiananmen Square. Then, there’s the organized Panjiayuan flea market where anything under the sun is sold. Walking through parks is also a treat especially when there are people doing their taiji-quan or kung-fu exercises. The massive Bird’s Nest complex, or the Beijing Olympic Stadium is also a place worth visiting.