The official name of Bangladesh is the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This is a sovereign state that can be found in South Asia. All its sides are bordered by India, except for a small portion that is bordered by Burma. This country, along with the Indian state of West Bengal, makes up the ethno-linguistic region that is called Bengal.

Bangladesh is a developing country and is among the most densely populated countries in the world; it ranks eighth on the list of the world’s most populous countries.

Despite its high poverty rate, Bangladesh has been noted for its remarkable progress in human development by the United Nations. The country has a rich culture, and a trip to Bangladesh will not only be an adventure but also a learning experience that will be hard to forget.

The most widely spoken language in the country is Bengali, which is used by about 98% of the country’s population. It is the official language and the lingua franca of the nation, but it is also only one among the 38 different languages that are being spoken by the Bengali people.

When it comes to text, it is Arabic that is popularly used at schools. There are also other foreign languages that are spoken and used in the country. Most people in the urban areas understand and are able to speak English.

The largest religion in the nation is Islam. A great percentage of Bangladesh’s population – around 89.5% – is composed of Muslims, and 9.6% is Hindu. The rest of the population practice Christianity and Buddhism.

Bengalis comprise the majority of the nation’s population. Non-Bengalis make up only a small fraction of the population.

The country is a secular republic. The head of its government, which follows a multiparty system, is the prime minister.

The power sockets in the country release 220 volts at 50 Hertz. Most outlets in the country accept one of four kinds of plugs, namely, type A (with two parallel flat blades), type C (two round pins), type D (three round pins in triangle formation), and type G (two parallel flat pins with a flat perpendicular ground pin).