In 1907, Winston Churchill described Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa.”

That description stands true to this day.

Uganda is a condensed Africa, with everything that the continent can offer to tourists available in one form or another within Uganda’s territorial boundaries. Mountain ranges, national parks, white water rivers – all of these, you can find in Uganda.

While there was political unrest in the past, the country has recovered pretty well.

Around 70% of the people in Uganda are made up of native Ugandan tribes, with the rest of the population composed of immigrants both from Africa and other continents.

Most of Uganda practices Christianity, with both the Roman Catholic and Protestant beliefs followed by 42% of the population. There is also Muslim presence at 12%.

English is one of the official language of Uganda; most Ugandans are able to speak it. The other official language in Uganda is Swahili.

If you would be taking gadgets with you, be aware that electricity in Uganda is at 240V and 50Hz. Additionally, the plugs used are the type with two parallel flat pins with a single ground pin. You might have to bring the proper adapters for your gadgets.

Uganda is a country that is recovering from a tumultuous past, but its beauty cannot be questioned. The sceneries in the country are as pretty as – nay, we would say prettier than – paintings in a gallery; they are filled with bright sunny colors and memorable images.

It also helps that there are fewer tourists in Uganda than in the nearby African countries, allowing you to enjoy Uganda in peace, far from the madding crowd.