The Republic of Seychelles, or République des Seychelles in French, is the official name of Seychelles. This island country has 115 islands, covering an area of 455 square kilometers. Seychelles also has 1.4 million square kilometers dedicated to its Exclusive Economic Zone.

The country is part of the Indian Ocean and is situated east of mainland Africa and northeast of the Madagascar Island.

Creole has been the first official language of the country since 1981. Through time, as various immigrants settled in Seychelles, different languages and cultures penetrated the land; and Seychelles adopted two more official languages: English and French.

According to the 2002 government census, around 82% of the population is Roman Catholic, 6% is Anglican, and the rest of the population are Seventh-day Adventists, Pentecostals, Baptists, Assemblies of God, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Nazarites, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, the Bahá’ís, and Hindus. There are also some Seychellois who are still followers of the ancient religion known as Ahrjuje.

The estimated population in the island is 86,525. This is the smallest recorded population in all the African states.

The population is composed of mixed ethnic groups such as African, Creole, European, French, and Asian. Every group has its own community, follows its own religion, and reflects its own way of living.

The country’s tourism is becoming more popular through the years. This is being attributed not only to the natural beauty of the many parts of the island, but more to the hospitality of many of its people.

Seychelles utilizes 240 volts of electricity, which other countries, such as Kuwait, Malaysia, and Australia, uses as well. This is said to be the highest and most dangerous voltage that is being used in the world.

The country utilizes 50 Hz of electrical frequency. G plug is the main plug type in the land.