Nigeria is a country that has a negative image in the international scene, so it is seldom considered as a tourist destination.

But the people who do come to visit it find a country that has deep cultural roots, with musical and literary influence spreading not just to the entire African continent but throughout the whole world.

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, and it has more than 250 ethnic groups. The three most populous tribes are the Hausa and Fulani (29%), the Yoruba (21%), and the Igbo, or Ibo (18%).

Fifty percent of the population practice Islam, while 40% are Christians. The remaining 10% of the population adhere to indigenous beliefs.

English is the official language of Nigeria; in addition to it, there are over 500 other indigenous languages used in the country today.

If you will be bringing electronic devices, know that the voltage in Nigeria is at 240V, alternating at 50Hz. The plug types used are of 2 types: those with three round pins arranged in a triangular pattern and those with two parallel flat pins and a ground pin – otherwise known as plug types D and G. You may want to bring an adapter for your devices.

While there are a few areas in Nigeria that are filled with civil tension, the rest of the country is a beautiful slice of Africa that is well worth visiting. If you give Nigeria a chance, you will find that it is a warm and welcoming country, open to tourists who wish to revel in its beauty.