The Kingdom of Morocco is an African country with a culture and natural beauty that make it a surefire tourist magnet.

The country’s natural features include a remarkable mixture of beautiful mountainous landscapes, striking water bodies, including coasts facing the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, and a vast segment of the fascinating Sahara desert.

In addition to its geographic treasures, Morocco also has a vibrant wildlife; a total of 454 species of exotic birds are found within its territory.

The country’s capital is Rabat, the “Fortified Place,” while its largest city and chief port is Casablanca. Other prominent major cities and towns include Marrakesh, Fez, Tangier, Meknes, and Ouarzazate.

The Moroccan populace of approximately 32 million is subdivided into two primary ethnic groups, namely the Arabs and the Berbers, but there has been a lot of intermarriages, which has caused the line between Arabs and Berbers to be nearly non-existent nowadays.

The largest portion of the Moroccan people speak Moroccan-Arabic, also known as classical Arabic, which is the official language of the land. Roughly 12 million others speak Berber in a range of dialects. French is mainly used in educational, commercial, economic, and government institutions, but in northern parts of the country, Spanish is more widely used than French.

A vast majority of the population practice the Muslim religion. The rest of the people practice other religions, including Christianity and Judaism.

The Moroccan dirham (MAD), which is roughly equal to US$0.12, is the official currency of the country.

Electrical power in Morocco is normally supplied at 220 volts. Plugs are type C and F, which both feature two round pins.