Mauritania is one of those small unknown desert countries in Africa. If you are into sun, sand, and ocean, then better head to this little island right beside Senegal, Mali, and Algeria.

Most of the tourists who come here do so because, compared to its more popular neighbors, only a few people visit this small country. This gives the ones who do come more time and space to discover the country’s hidden wonders, without having to go through all the chaos that a regular tourist destination would have.

This African country of three million people is widely dominated by Arab Muslims, with Islam as the prevailing religion. There is also a large concentration of black Africans, who give color and hype to the country.

This wonderful mix of deep-rooted Islam and the African culture is also one of the things that keep tourists coming back.

Mauritania is really one of the least discovered places in Africa, and unknown to many, there are actually quite a few good beaches that are worth visiting. Most are virgin beaches and therefore don’t have resorts or big hotels near them.

As an Islamic country, Mauritania uses Arabic as a national language, but French and English are also widely spoken in the country. Places far from the urban Mauritania speak Arabic dialects such as Wolof, Soninke, and Poular.

The national currency is the Mauritanian Ouguiya (MRO); only hotels located in Nouakchott and Nouadhibou accept major credit cards, and there are also very few international ATM machines, so make sure to have enough cash before you get out of the airport.

Better yet, stay in places where banks are easily accessible.

Always take precaution when drinking water from public places, and as much as possible, buy bottled water from your hotel or big grocery stores to avoid stomach problems.

During your vacation in the country, make sure that you have adaptors for all your gadgets, since the country uses the Europlug and the Schuko as primary socket types and utilizes 220 to 240 volts of electricity.