Kenya is a rich and colorful country in the heart of Africa. It could be considered as a miniature version of the continent, known for its unique culture and dazzling natural beauty.

The people of Kenya reflect the wide variation of culture throughout the country. Around 99% of the population is made up of several African ethnic groups, with the Kikuyu having the most number at 22%.

The everyday life of these people brings together tribal traditions and urban living. Ancient customs are mixed with modern beliefs, resulting in a society that is appreciatively dualistic.

Visitors to Kenya need not worry about getting lost in translation, as English is an official language of the country, alongside Kiswahili. You may find it interesting to know that there are numerous indigenous languages in Kenya, all of which are beautiful and charming in their own way.

Kenya is a predominantly Christian country, with 45% of the population being Protestants and 33% being Roman Catholics. Indigenous beliefs exist to this day though, with 10% of the population still following them.

Electricity in Kenya is at 240V, alternating at 50 Hz. This voltage is higher than normal, so to protect your gadgets, you would need to bring a voltage converter along. The sockets in Kenya have two parallel flat pins and a ground pin, so bring an adapter for your plugs as well if necessary.

Visiting Kenya has always been about the country’s culture and natural beauty – both of which can still be found in the country in their untouched state. Safaris are the mainstay of Kenyan tourism, but the country has much more to offer.

Kenya is definitely different from home. The country promises an adventure to all visitor, an experience that will be retold countless times – and Kenya does not disappoint on that promise.