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When to visit Turkmenistan

It is highly recommended that you avoid visiting Turkmenistan during the months of July and August, the hottest months of the year, where temperatures can reach as high as 50 °C (122 °F) in the capital city of Ashgabat. Turkmenistan is infamous in Central Asia because it is the region’s hottest country. However, because of the dry desert climate, the temperatures are not always uncomfortable.

The average temperature in Turkmenistan is 16.3 °C (61 °F), a figure made lower because there are more colder months than warmer ones. The best times to travel to the country would be from April to June and September to November, to avoid the intense heat.

When choosing places to visit, keep in mind that winters in the north of Turkmenistan are very cold, as frigid winds sweep in from Siberia. Southern Turkmenistan, on the other hand, almost never gets covered in ice, so if you do visit the country during the winter, you might find yourself traveling only in this region.