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Ten interesting facts about Turkmenistan

1. The name Turkmenistanwas derived from the Persian language, and it simply means “Land of the Turkmen.”

2. The KarakumDesertcovers almost 80% of the country.

3. The KarakumCanalis one of the world’s longest canals used for irrigation.

4. Turkmen carpets have been known worldwide for centuries.

5. As of 2008, Turkmenistanboasts of a 100% total adult literacy rate.

6. In 330 BC, Alexander the Great founded the city of Alexandria, which later became Merv.

7. One of the projects of the former president Saparmurat Niyazov is a ski resort in a Turkmenistanmountain with no snow.

8. Gas and electricity are free in Turkmenistan, so some citizens opt to have their stoves burning 24/7 to avoid the cost of using matches.

9. When the city of Mervwas destroyed by Mongols, only 400 people were spared.

10. A 133-meter-high flagpole standing in Ashgabat is one of the tallest flagpoles in the world.