The Philippines

  • 15 Interesting Facts About Manila

    1) Manila tops the list of the most densely populated cities in the world with around 1.6 million people jampacked in an area of 16.56 sqm. However, the “Emerging Cities Outlook” also included the Philippine […]

  • Where to Stay in Manila

    Where to Stay in Manila

    When you’re too modest to accept your Filipino friend’s hospitality to stay in their home, there are a lot of lodging options in Manila.  From the ultra modern to the monumental, hotels and inns can […]

  • Where to Eat in Manila

    Where to Eat in Manila

    Just like any modern city, Manila is riddled with fast food restaurants and coffee shops that don’t really offer Filipino authenticity. If it’s Philippine cuisine you want, follow these suggestions. San Miguel by the Bay […]


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