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Ruins of St. Simeon Church

When to go to Syria

Syria enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterized by cold winters and dry, hot summers, while the northern part experiences a significant amount of rainfall.

The summer months (June to August) in Syria and the rest of Middle East can be unforgiving, with scorching heat that can leave you parched. Visiting the coastal areas at this time may lead to unpleasant encounters with the high humidity.

Autumn is a more favorable season to visit Syria, when the temperate climate is milder. During winter, the country witnesses snow covering some of its regions, particularly the higher areas in the west.

But the spring months of March to May are the most agreeable for sightseeing and exploring the different cities and towns. Visitors will be rewarded by a cooler temperature and the sight of wildflowers all abloom.

Visiting during Eid al-Fitr will prove to be a fantastic treat to tourists of this predominantly Muslim country. This great day of celebration is known for the lavish feasts and gift exchanges between families to mark the end of Ramadan, a month-long fasting period in the Islamic calendar that usually falls sometime between June and August.