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Bogd Khan Palace Museum

When to go to Mongolia

Mongolia experiences extreme weather conditions. Winters can be harsh. Summers are short and experiences rainfall.

The winter season starts in November and continues until February. The average temperature during the season is ­–20 °C or –13 °F.

The country experiences spring from March to May. During the season, the wind can be very strong and can often lead to sandstorms.

The summer season starts in June, and it usually lasts till August. The average temperature during the season is 20 °C or 65 °F.

In a year, there are approximately 260 sunny days seen in the country. Humidity is practically zero. The ideal months to visit the country include May till the latter part of September. Travel season in Mongolia peaks in July, when the country celebrates the Naadam festival. Accommodations may be hard to find at this time.

Winter is harsh in the country, while in spring, the nomads are often reeling from the cold weather’s adverse effects – the thinning of livestock from the winter cold – so this would not be the best time to stay with them. If you decide to travel to Mongolia during the winter months, you may enjoy seeing how the country celebrates the Lunar New Year.