Maldives offers the best condition for surfing: good waves, tropical climate, and crystal clear turquoise water. And expectedly, the country has several surf sites that will challenge your surfing skills without taking the fun out of the equation.

The best surf sites are mostly in North Malé Atoll and Outer Atoll. Sultans and the island of Thamburudhoo in North Malé Atoll are particularly renowned for their tall waves of up to 100 meters and 150 meters, respectively. South Malé Atoll also has good surf sites, but they are not as numerous as those in the northern part.

You can reach the surf breaks from your resort by dhoni. When you get to the site, expect to be welcomed by tall, mighty waves inviting you to an action-packed day.


It’s no secret that Maldives has pristine and enthralling dive sites. In fact, 25 of the country’s dive sites are protected sites and are among the best in the world. The underwater magnificence is the combined beauty of the underwater topography and the collection of thousands of marine species. In the reefs, plateaus, caves, caverns, overhangs, wrecks, and thilas (pinnacles), you can find the most vibrant and colorful species of varying sizes – from shrimps to sharks and from sponges to gorgonian fans – moving in a seemingly choreographed manner.

Since diving is the major tourist attraction in Maldives, all resorts are equipped with diving facilities and offer diving courses so that even non-divers can enjoy the underwater splendor. Of course, Maldivian dive spots cater to all diving skill levels, making it possible for novice divers to have an undersea exploration. Liveaboards can also be arranged for a more pleasant diving experience.

Maldives marine life is so abundant that it takes no more than an hour of boating to reach a different dive spot. And in many resorts, house reefs, which protect the islands from huge waves, are a few strokes away from the shore.


In a country literally made up of water, it’s natural that fishing is the primary activity of locals. And it’s no surprise that even the tourists are taken by it. The Maldivian waters are blessed with abundant marine life, so fishing is definitely not a vain pursuit. Truth is, plentiful catch is likely just about anywhere in Maldives.

Fishing in Maldives is categorized into two according to the time of the day fishing is done. Fishing in the morning is called big game fishing, wherein you go around the atoll aboard a dhoni or speedboat, your rod thrown into the sea while the golden sun rises in the horizon. The sight of course is only a glorious addition to the memorable experience of catching various fishes such as swordfish, wahoo, sailfish, barracuda, yellowfin tuna, and marlin.

Night fishing is an equally amazing experience but is more popular in Maldives. Your dhoni or speedboat will go beyond the atoll and will be anchored in place. While you wait for squirrelfish, barracudas, snappers, jacks, emperors, and other kinds of reef fishes, you can watch the bejeweled sky and listen to the gentle humming of the sea.

Island resorts rent out dhoni, speedboat, and fishing equipment to satisfy the fishing buff in you. Not a fishing buff? No worries; – your boat crew will assist you all the way.


Going on a cruise is one way of having a grand Maldivian holiday. The cruise vessel will tour you around many of the country’s atolls and some of its uninhabited islands, leaving you all the more enamored with this tiny country.

Experience the cruise of a lifetime in a luxury cruise vessel, where the cozy amenities and facilities, such as swimming pools, bars, and game rooms, will pamper you to the core. Cruise vessels with basic accommodations and amenities are also available at cheaper rates, but trust that the offered cruise experience is not any less special. In fact, these vessels will make you feel like a true sea adventurer.


Flying in a parachute sounds exciting, right? You bet it is. The excitement, joy, and sense of adventure parasailing offers are incomparable. Really, what compares to having a view of the sparkling water, verdant vegetation, and white shore from above, while your parachute is pulled by the speedboat, allowing the wind to rush to your face and jets of water refresh your body? Certainly, parasailing in Maldives is a spectacular experience you shouldn’t pass up.

Many island resorts in Maldives offer parasailing as a tourist activity. These resorts have trained crew who makes sure that every visitor has safe and blissful time in the air.