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What to Do in Malaysia


When it is a taste of nature you want, going on an eco-adventure is the thing to do. Malaysia offers a long list of outdoor fun you can enjoy by yourself or with your family and friends. Whether you are a daredevil who prefers extreme sports or a laidback person who just wants to feel nature’s embrace, Malaysia has many nature-based activities for you to try out.

Mountain and rock climbing await those who are brave and adventurous at heart. The steep mountains and cliffs of Malaysia are perfect sites for such rough sports. Some of the places gaining popularity for this adventure are those near Kuala Lumpur, such as Bukit Takun and the Batu Caves, which are located in Selangor state.

You can also try visiting a few of Malaysia’s limestone caves and marvel at the splendor of each one. Deer, Lang’s, and Clearwater Caves in Mulu National Park are among those frequently visited.

If getting wet and wild is what you desire, then probably whitewater rafting is the perfect thing for you. Good rafting sites in Malaysia include the Kampar River in Gopeng, Kiulu River in Sabah, and Slim River in Perak.

But if these activities tire you out, you could just always go trekking and camping. With forests as old as time, there is no better way to experience nature than this. The rainforests in Taman Negara and the Kinabatangan floodplains in Sabah are only two places you must visit for this adventure.



Malaysia has now become one of the leading diving sites in the world. With the richest marine environment in the Indo-Pacific basin, it has been loved and treasured by amateur and professional divers alike.

Hidden beneath Malaysia’s azure waters is an incredible oceanic life. Hammerhead sharks, barracudas, turtles, and corals are just a few of what could be seen in this diving destination. Schools of different kinds of fish also add to the abundance of this underwater paradise, splashing another brilliant layer of color to its already amazing marine life.

The islands of Perhentian, Redang, Lang Tengah, and Tioman in the eastern coast of West Malaysia are a good starting point to experience the wealth of the ocean. The waters here boast of great coral and fish habitats that would surely fascinate every diver.

Off to the northern coast of Borneo is another beautiful diving spot, one located on an island called Sipadan. While only day trips are made to this isle, you could ask for accommodations in neighboring islands.

If you prefer wreck diving, then you must head down to Labuan in East Malaysia. A small, off-shore financial centre, it offers one of the finest spots to see the final resting place of sunken ships and bags of goods that never made it ashore.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of Malaysia’s culture by participating in a homestay program. Instead of jumping from one hotel to another, try staying in a kampung or traditional village and live like the locals. Get to know the people, the village elders, and the kids, and learn more about their way of life.

A homestay experience gives you the opportunity to have a face-to-face encounter with what Malaysia truly is. Away from a very commercialized and urban environment, it lets you see Malaysia in its purest form. Let your foster family take you to places once unknown and teach you things you would never learn anywhere else. Breathe like a Malaysian; live like you’re one.


Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Ease the pain of your aching muscles. Refresh yourself with a massage or two. Enjoy being pampered by the best masseuses in town.

Malaysia is slowly being known for world-class spas, such as the immensely popular Spa Village found in Pangkor Laut Island.

One great thing about Malaysian spas is that they are often located in beach resorts, so you can enjoy your spa treatment without going far away from the relaxing sights and sounds of the ocean, which are in themselves relaxing and therapeutic.

Malaysian spas still offer traditional massages, scrubs, and baths that use a variety of herbs and fragrances. You can choose whatever you prefer and avail of the extra amenities. There are also saunas and steam rooms that you can use and jacuzzis for that final luxurious touch of leisure.


Shopping never goes out of the list of any traveler who wants to take home a piece of the country after his visit. In Malaysia, you would not have a problem finding shops and boutiques that showcase some of their native goods.

The Central Market is a good start for hunting down souvenirs, handicrafts, and other gift items. The Cultural Craft Complex in Jalan Conlay also exhibits local products like batik, baskets, and beadwork that you can purchase.

If antiques are what you want, Melaka is the place for you. With shops selling time-scarred items from the region, it is frequently visited by antique lovers from all over the globe. Be sure to look for Jonker’s Street and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock where this kind of shops are lined up.

There are also stalls where bargaining is a daily routine. While prices are fixed in malls, some shops are open to haggling. For best buys, visit Chinatown and night markets. Here you could bargain with the sellers and go home with the best goods.