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Ten interesting facts about Kazakhstan

1. Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country by area.

2. The people living in Kazakhstan represent more than 120 nationalities.

3. The country has a density of less than 6 people per square kilometer.

4. The word Kazakh can be translated to “independent” or “wanderer.”

5. It is believed that it is in Kazakhstan where man first rode a horse, thousands of years ago.

6. The New Year for Kazakhs is called Nauryz, and it is celebrated on the 22nd of March.

7. Kazakhstan is landlocked, but it has a naval force, which is based on the similarly landlocked Caspian Sea.

8. The default order of coffee in Kazakhstan is a mug of sugar with some coffee – Kazakhs like their coffee very sweet!

9. In the bakeries of Kazakhstan, you can buy sweets, cakes, pastries – and sausages.

10. The sun in the flag of Kazakhstan has 32 beams, symbolizing progress and abundance.