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Where to Stay in Tokyo: Complete Guide

So, you want to go to Tokyo? This eccentric metropolitan is one of the most attractive tourist destinations worldwide, and with its lively streets and artistic charm, it’s easy to see why so many people dream of visiting.

Tokyo is a cultural icon. Almost like New York City is for the United States, Tokyo is one of the most exciting places in the world to be — another city that never sleeps. 

With the numerous hotel or restaurant choices, it’s difficult to know which ones are the best suited for you. Ask yourself what the purpose of your trip is before deciding where to stay: 

  • Are you looking for a honeymoon destination?
  • Maybe a family-friendly experience?
  • Are you ready to explore Tokyo’s vivacious nightlife?
  • No matter what kind of trip yours is, we have some amazing recommendations.

We’ll highlight the best luxury and iconic hotels, middle-of-the-road hotels that won’t bust the bank, and also a few off-the-wall, culturally appealing places to hang your hat. 

Moreover, when you come to Tokyo, you gotta eat well! So, we’ll also provide a restaurant or two nearby as well as some popular entertainment attractions, shopping, and unique places only found in this magical city. 

Here’s the scoop on where to stay, eat, and play when in Tokyo! 

1. Best for a Romantic Getaway: Four Seasons at Marunouchi 


If you’re looking for the perfect romantic getaway, consider the Four Seasons Hotel located at Marunouchi. Complete with designer rooms and accommodations, you and your partner will enjoy relaxation and entertainment. 

About the Location

Located near JR Tokyo Station, the Four Seasons is luxury waiting to happen. It’s in the heart of the city, giving you the freedom to walk to the iconic Imperial Palace, downtown Ginza, or take a 20-minute train ride to several other popular neighborhoods. In Ginza, there’s always something to admire. Indulge in all the spoils at high-end coffee shops, top-of-the-line boutiques and restaurants, and a picturesque scene that you won’t soon forget. 

Nearby Places to Eat 

-Kiji, Marunouchi: This restaurant is a perfect blend of traditional and experimental Japanese dishes. It’s also vegetarian friendly. 

-Tavern Gustavino: This restaurant is one of the best Italian places you’ll find in Tokyo, and the wine is divine! 

Things to Do 

The concierge at the Four Seasons is more than happy to schedule exciting activities for you or give you inside tips on where the best attractions are. 

One of the most popular activities the hotel offers is teaching traditional Japanese art called Maki-e, or if you want an adventurous excursion, every Tuesday the Four Seasons invites you to take a fishing adventure to Tokyo Bay where you’ll then eat a gourmet meal prepared by chefs at the Izakaya restaurant.     

The Four Seasons is an oasis. Whether you’re looking to escape or to live it up in style, this hotel satisfies. If you want an unforgettable stay in Tokyo, then the Four Seasons is where you want to be!   

2. Best for an Unforgettable View: Park Hyatt Tokyo

Hyatt Tokyo
The Park Hyatt Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Some say that if you want to be treated like royalty, stay at the Park Hyatt. To be at this opulent hotel is like floating in the sky. You can look outside its windows at the majesty of Mount Fuji or down at the energetic city of Shinjuku — both are a vision. 

Offering rooms with Hokkaido wood paneling, Spa accommodations such as massages and the sauna, a complimentary wet bar, and even a 52nd-floor restaurant, the Park Hyatt hotel is a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll be having dinner in the sky at this one, folks. 

About the Location

Park Hyatt Tokyo is in Shinjuku — the leading entertainment district — and within walking distance fo Shinjuku Station. There’s never a dull moment to be had here! With shopping, galleries, theaters, and upscale bars and eateries, there’s a little something for everybody.  

Nearby Places to Eat

At the Park Hyatt, there is a dramatic 52nd floor New York Grill atop the hotel, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, signature paintings from Italian artist, Valerio Adami, and the most mouthwatering fresh market seafood and poultry you could ask for. 

-Mitaba: For a quick bite to eat, try this restaurant. It is famous for its ramen and soup dishes — some of the best in the city! 

-Men-Shou Taketora Honten: If you want a lighter meal, this place features traditional Japanese and Asian cuisine with amazing prices. 

Things to Do

Shinjuka Central Park is just a 3-minute walk away, and the train station is a 15-minute walk; although, with the magic waiting for you at the Park Hyatt, you might be tempted to stay inside! Shopping is a must when one comes to Tokyo, though, and the Park Hyatt is near many department stores including the most popular complex, Isetan. 

-Golden Gai: This street district is close by as well, consisting of numerous bars and restaurants. 

-Opera City Art Gallery: This is one of Tokyo’s most popular destinations in the area. Visually and culturally appealing, you are sure to have a relaxing stroll through this beautiful exhibit. 

-If you’re in the mood for some nightlife, Kabukicho is just a few minutes from the hotel. Known as the “Sleepless Town,” entertainment is never hard to find in this part of the Shinjuku district.

The Park Hyatt Tokyo is where you’ll be treated like a member of the royal family, and you’ll certainly feel like it as you indulge in the palace-like atmosphere of this splendid hotel that you’ll have to see to believe!        

3. Best for On-Site Food: The Westin

Japanese food

At the Westin, you’ll enjoy hospitable service and classic European decor. The beds alone are to die for, but with the fitness studio, five restaurants, and European-style spa, this hotel is hard to pass up. The best part though? The food! 

About the Location 

Located in the lesser-known gorgeous district of Ebisu, The Westin is a marvelous choice. This district is great for an easy-going day away from the noise. 

Nearby Places to Eat

What are you craving tonight? Chinese? French cuisine? A little bit of everything? The restaurants at this hotel have whatever suits your fancy!

At Victor’s, you can savor various champagnes to your heart’s content, and dine while sitting on French Rococo decor that overlooks Tokyo Tower. At Ryutenmon, Chinese food Cantonese-style will be your next favorite meal. And The Terrace offers an all-day dining experience full of international dishes with monthly themed dessert buffets to have you swooning. 

Not that you need any more convincing, but just in case: The Compass Rose on the 22nd floor is an elegant repose — crafting gins, cocktails, and the most romantic sky-view bar. Need anything else? 

Want to go out? Try:

-Sarutahiko Coffee: One of the greatest cafés in Tokyo, this bistro is a must. With single and blended-origin brews, cappuccinos, lattes, and yummy breakfast choices, Sarutahiko is an excellent choice. 

-Afuri: Enjoy some fantastic ramen here! They have several flavors and options to choose from. 

Things to Do

Just a short distance away is all the attractions that visitors love, including one of The Westin’s most highly suggested which is a guided tour at the Tokyo Imperial Palace. 

Visitors also enjoy seeing Tokyo Tower, and for a good reason. The Empire State Building has beautiful views, don’t get us wrong, but just wait until you see the Tokyo skyline!

Other attractions include: 

  • -Tokyo Photographic Art Museum: This exhibit showcases a vast selection of historical and current work from famous Japanese and international photographers.

-Liquid Room: This is a club and bar, but the entertainment is incredible on its own. You’ll see and hear live music from local and traveling artists, and even when there’s not a show going on, enjoy some time upstairs in the café and diner.  

4. Best for a Big Time on a Budget: Tokyo Stay Shibuya 


If you’re looking for something a little less extravagant but still classy, the Tokyo Stay Shibuya is wonderful. With a full kitchenette and modern accommodations readily available, this hotel is both comfortable and sophisticated. Dry cleaning, a breakfast buffet, and free Wif-Fi are all included with your stay. 

About the Location 

Shibuya Station and the bustling Harajuka are just a 10-minute walk away, making this one of the best hotels for price and location. The Harajuku district is the center of fashion culture in Tokyo where you can find numerous boutiques, eateries, and fun souvenir stop-and-shops that are characteristic to Harajuku.    

Nearby Places to Eat

-The XIANG NI CAFE is a Chinese lunch and dinner venue, specializing in delicious soups, noodles, and seafood dishes. 

-Arina Vino Trattoria: This is a widely popular choice. Unlike many Italian places, you can watch the chef cook your meal like many traditional Japanese restaurants. 

Things to Do

The area of Harajuka is like being in another universe, or several for that matter. It is a colorful district full of art and exhibitions. 

-Omotesdando Avenue: Here you can find boutiques, bars, and vendors offering delicacies and pastries galore. 

-The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art: This is a desired destination for anyone interested in art exhibitions. 

At the Tokyo Stay Shibuya, you can still be near all the energy without hurting your wallet! 

5. Best for Nightlife: HOTEL MYSTAYS Nishi Shinjuku 


With the Shinjuku Skyscraper District just a 5-minute walk away, the HOTEL MYSTAYS is in the perfect area to live it up. 

About the Location 

Here’s where the nightlife scene is! Shinjuku Station is the world’s busiest train station, and this hotel is just a few minutes walk, meaning you can hop aboard and be in the thick of Tokyo’s racing and raving. 

Nearby Places to Eat

The HOTEL MYSTAYS does sport a gourmet club, AMANOGAWA Tavern, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

In this upbeat district, though, it’s hard to go wrong with food. We suggest:

-Kuriya: This restaurant is known for its excellent service, reasonable prices, and soothing atmosphere. 

-Tsukemen Gonokami Seisakusho: Here, they are famous for tsukemen (dipping ramen). They provide different flavors and seasonings, making this restaurant one of the favorites in the area.

-Bankara Tantanmen: If you want a quick but hearty bite to eat, this is another ramen-favorite, giving you several choices of noodle-veggie combinations.       

Things to Do

When you’re ready to take on the town, the Shinjuku-Nishiguchi Subway Station is just a 2-minute walk away. Get on board and go shopping at Roppongi or Ginza. Sing some karaoke at the Karaoke Kan — one of the most popular bars with its colorful costumes and superb views of the city.   

Catch a show at the Robot Café and walk the exuberant streets packed with the nightlife scene you’re ready for!   

The HOTEL MYSTAYS has a great location, unbeatable price, and you’re sure to have the time of your life!  

6. Best for Local Culture: Hotel Gajoen Tokyo 

Japan culture

Now, if you really want to get into Japanese local culture, then the Hotel Gajoen is for you. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the true roots and spunky vibe of Tokyo, this hotel offers the ideal authentic flare you crave. 

The Hotel Gajoen features chic decor with:

-traditional Japanese flare

-satellite TV

-a private bathroom with a spa bath

-some rooms even include a sauna 

Enjoy live piano performances during the day at the café lounge, request room-service massages, and feast on signature Japanese multi-course meals as well as Chinese, American-style, or Italian cuisine on site. 

About the Location 

Located in the Meguro neighborhood, you’ll be able to see a lot more of the residential side of Tokyo where plenty of trendy clothing stores, cafés, bars, and whimsical restaurants are sure to catch your eye.    

Nearby Places to Eat 

Because Hotel Gajoen is not in the center of the action, we suggest the restaurant located at the hotel — Tofutei. This cottage-like restaurant has a lot to show for its authentic Japanese dishes and serene atmosphere. 

-CAFE Legato: If you do want to venture out a little more, then try CAFE Legato. With its Italian, European, and Spanish dinners, romantic aesthetic appeal, and hospitable service, this restaurant is as breathtaking as its view.  

Things to Do

-Metropolitan Museum of Photography: This attraction is great for lovers of art.

-Naka-Meguro: This area is full of shops and restaurants. 

  • -Meguro Sky Garden: Ready for more beautiful views? This is an outdoor rooftop garden with brilliant Japanese architecture.

This Hotel Gajoen is for anyone who desires to see authentic Japanese culture without being at the center of urban life. It is said that Meguro is the “hipster” neighborhood, and the Hotel Gajoen portrays this uniqueness — an eccentric gem you’ll find only in Tokyo! 

7. Best for Culture in the Heart of Tokyo: CITAN Hostel 

This is another culturally appealing hotel, but with the CITAN Hostel, you’re in the midst of all the action. At the CITAN, you’ll get your fill of all the city vibes. 

This hotel offers a spunky, industrial style with its ground-floor coffee shop as well as a basement bar and restaurant that’ll remind you of a New York City wine house. The CITAN is a minimal and organic getaway that’s still a cozy place to lay your head. 

About the Location

Located in the historic Nihonbashi business district, this hotel is practically in the center of the city, just a few minutes from Tokyo Station. Most people don’t realize that Nihonbashi is in fact the center of Tokyo, but because it is labeled “a business district,” many assume there’s not much to see. We beg to differ! 

Ask the locals: Nihonbashi is more than what it seems. 

Nearby Places to Eat 

-Ginza 300 Bar Next: This restaurant is a unique bar, pub, and dinner retreat. The locals know this as a friendly place with a lively vibe — perfect for a night out. 

-Sushitomi: This lunch and dinner spot is an absolute steal! With their Japanese, seafood, and Asian dishes, you’ll find a great meal for the best price. Most people agree that you won’t find better sushi than here! 

Things to Do

At the hotel you can: 

-enjoy the DJ sets on the weekends 

-gather in the common areas such as the kitchen and library to meet people — either locals or fellow travelers. You’ll never know who’ll you’ll meet here! 

-sit outside on the terrace to enjoy some tea or coffee 

-Around the town, take a private Tokyo Food Tour where you journey to three geographical districts and learn about various meals and history of the area. This is a perfect way to discover food, history, and Tokyo all in one.

-Take a bike tour and hit all the local attractions while you enjoy the gorgeous views of the city — especially the cherry blossoms by the river in the springtime!   

-Go urban kayaking on Tokyo’s intricate waterways. Don’t think that canals are just for Amsterdam — Tokyo has its fair share of water pathways and byways. 

-Don’t forget to check out Mitsukoshi — Japan’s original department store! That’s right, dating back to 1673, this modern-day store is seven floors of polished marble featuring Japanese and international brands. This store is a little city within a city!   

Just a short subway ride away, you can be exploring the city in no time. With the CITAN Hostel, you can be close to local Japanese life and still enjoy Tokyo’s main districts!   

8. Best for Family-Friendly Fun: Hotel Sunroute Ariake 

A dusk of bay area at the urban city high angle wide shot. Koutou district Ariake Tokyo / Japan – 12.07.2019

If you want a hotel close to a lot of family-friendly attractions, give the Sunroute Ariake a try. Also known as the Sotetsu Grand Fresa Tokyo-Bay Ariake, this hotel is in the middle of all the fun! 

About the Location 

This hotel is located in the Odaiba district which is not in the heart of Tokyo, but you certainly won’t be bored. The bay area provides spectacular views, especially at night, and with the exotic architecture customary of Japan, this man-made island is a favorite. 

Nearby Places to Eat 

-the on-site Restaurant Sosai offers local cuisine and a variety of others to satisfy your cravings

-Sousai Patio: Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this contemporary restaurant is perfect for every meal, including take-out. 

-Kagaya Tokyo Ariake: This traditional Japanese restaurant is highly rated in the area, offering both lunch and dinner. Their sushi especially is a favorite.

Things to Do  

The Sunroute Ariake offers free shuttles to and from Tokyo Disneyland, and it’s nearby Leisureland and Joypolis — two incredible entertainment complexes ideal for families with kids. Several restaurants, cafés, and shopping malls are accessible as well.

-Digital Art Museum: This is like candy for your eyes. With an array of futuristic and enigmatic visuals, this enchanting exhibit is electrifying. 

  • -Statue of Liberty: Here’s your little slice of New York City! Don’t miss out on seeing the replica of Lady Liberty in all her Tokyo glory.

-Palette Town Farris Wheel: Hop on this colorful wheel of wonder where you’ll find fabulous views of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. We suggest riding it at night — that’s when the magic is at its finest!  

Hotel Sunroute Ariake proves that just because you don’t stay at the center of the metropolis, you can still have it all! 

9. Best for Historic Charm: Kaisu 

Want something charming and homey? Kaisu is your cozy piece of Tokyo — a perfect place to unwind, sip some coffee, and chat with a personable staff. This hotel has beautiful Japanese-stye rooms that are either mixed or female only. A complimentary café bar is available as is a lounge that’ll have you lingering for another cup of tea and a pastry. 

About the Location

Kaisu is rich in history. It was formerly the Shimazaki Restaurant where geishas performed until it was reopened as a hotel and café years later. 

Nearby Places to Eat

-Akakura: A whole-in-the-wall place, Akakura is a lovely restaurant that features Japanese cuisine and specialty drinks. 

  • -Kikunoi: Known for their “lunch boxes,” this restaurant is perfect for a quick bite and take out meals. Rich with history and hospitality, you are sure to enjoy this family-oriented eatery.

Things to Do

Kaisu is close enough to several destinations such as Tokyo Midtown or the National Art Center, and with a friendly and personable staff at the ready, they will be more than happy to point you towards the best local entertainment spots.  

-The Cover Nippon: This souvenir shop is exactly what you need if you want to find a Japanese keepsake to take home. From bento boxes to jewelry to Japanese kimonos, this shop has it all.

-Isetan Salone: Because you won’t be in the thick of the city, you still need a place to do some shopping. Hit up Isetan Salone for two floors of trendy clothes, makeup, and accessories. 

-Billboard Live Tokyo: Get close to the big stage and watch amazing artists perform their musical acts while you sit back and relax on comfy sofa seats and enjoy a meal. 

Kaisu will remind you of a modern-day cottage right in the heart of Tokyo. This hotel is great for travelers, so come on in and take a load off!  

10. Best for Quick Visits: Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station 

Going for a short visit? No problem. The Marriott will make your short stay special regardless if you’re on business or just need a place to crash for the night. 

Just because you won’t be staying at the Ritz of Tokyo or a culturally flamboyant escape, you can still relish in the joys of comfort in this extraordinary city. Some amenities of the Marriott include:

-a flat-screen TV 

-a full bathroom

-a workout center

-room service

-complimentary coffee in the lounge

-buffet-style breakfast at the on-site restaurant, and lighter meals and coffee served at the café.

About the Location 

In Central downtown Tokyo, it’ll be easy to shop or travel during your stay. Ginza is just a 10-minute walk, and the Tsukji Market is just a few minutes walk and subway ride away. 

Nearby Places to Eat 

-Tensasa: This Japanese style get-it-and-go restaurant is a wonderful choice for a quick bite to eat. Fabulous Tempura! 

-DOUTOR: A breakfast, brunch, and lunch eatery, this cozy café is just what you need for a pick-me-up. Enjoy great coffee and a welcoming atmosphere. 

-Motif Restaurant & Bar: Serving up Japanese and French dishes, seafood, and hearty veggies, this is a great meal waiting to happen. Elegant and posh, this restaurant is sure to give you a great night out.   

Things to Do

If you’re on business, the lobby is an ideal place for a work session, as are the contemporary meeting rooms, which also make for great event venues. The Marriott is near: 

  • -the Tokyo Narita International Airport
  • -the JR Shinagawa Station

-Tokyo Tower 

-Tokyo Imperial Palace 

-KidZania Tokyo 

And because of its great location, there are plenty of shops nearby as well. The Marriott is in one of the best areas for either business or sightseeing, so you can’t go wrong!   


This city is a fascination. It’s vibrant and enchanting and guaranteed to steal your heart. We are certain that with these recommendations, you will find everything and more that you’re looking for. So, whatever your reason behind visiting this delightful city — stay, eat, and play well in Tokyo!