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When to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia welcomes tourists all year round. Depending on your itinerary, you can explore the vast hinterlands of Borneo and do whitewater rafting on a wet season, or bask under the sun in one of Indonesia’s pristine beaches on a dry season.

The entire archipelago straddles along the equator. For this reason, Indonesia has only two pronounced seasons – wet and dry. Wet season begins around October and ends in April. Dry season starts in May and ends around September.

Some places, especially the northern islands, receive rainfall almost every day of the year. But there are places in Indonesia, such as Sumba, which hardly receive rainfall.

Upon embarking on your plane in Jakarta (or Bali), expect the temperature to soar to 27.7°C (82°F). The lowlands are generally more humid, but the higher you climb past the sea level, expect the air to become cooler.

Being part of a festival is reason enough to visit a destination. However, these very festivals could also be a cause of inconvenience, especially when you’re forced to fight for living space with locals who also want to be part of the feast.

Tana Toraja’s funeral season in Sulawesi boosts hotel prices in Rantepao. It is best to book early if you wish to have a place to settle after witnessing the gruesome carnage of animal sacrifices.

Eid Al Fitr is another busy season. It is a national week-long holiday that renders the public transport extraordinarily busy. Taking the public transport, therefore, could become a nightmarish experience.