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Where to Eat Victoria, Hong Kong

One never goes hungry on the streets of Hong Kong, especially in Victoria City. There are quick and cheap eateries, the must-eat famous spots, and the high-end restaurants that are quite pricy but surely unforgettable. Victoria is the place to be when looking for a gastronomic adventure. Here are some of the places that you’ll want to munch at.


Just before getting on the Central escalator, one will spot the Four Seasons Clay Pot Restaurant where one can have Hong Kong specialities. The clay pot rice is a Hong Kong traditional style of baking rice over an open flame. It can be eaten with some salt fish and Asian sausages. Take the escalator and walk yourself through the different eating spots of Victoria. But before sitting down for a meal, stop by the famous Tai Cheong bakery at the Lyndhurst Terrace.  This shop has been making delicious egg tarts and chicken pies for more than 60 years. There’s quite a wait since Tai Cheong’s pastries can fill up the stomach of busy pedestrians.


Soho means ‘South of Hollywood’ pertaining to the old Antique Street which is now called Hollywood Road. It is where one can hunt just about any kind of cuisine in the world. Foreigners flock to Elgin and Staunton roads where dozens of restaurants are knotted together. Aside from the happy hour from 5:00 to 8:00 PM, the meals are quite decent and not so expensive. Jaspas is known for their international menu, and will satisfy a hungry traveller with comfort food of from brunch to dinner. Drinking in Jaspas is almost as popular as eating, too.  There’s also the La Pampa Argentinean Steak House that serves affordable beef cooked in South American style that is served with red wine. If all that’s not too ‘touristy’, have a meal on an anchored boat in Victoria Harbor and be served the freshest sea food prepared the traditional Cantonese way.


When in the mood for a street food party, a collection of Dai Pai Dongs can be found in the heart of Central. Years of serving locals and tourists have significantly improved the service of the street food joints on Graham Street. It can get quite busy during office lunch hours of 12:30 to 2:00 PM so it is best to avoid these times. It’s the place for having the best noodle soups, congee, chow mien, dimsum, sandwiches, sausages, rice meals and many other Asian treats. There are also strange food such as pig entrails, animal heads and knuckles and many other exciting finds.