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Best Places to See in Victoria, Hong Kong

A historic place with strong British heritage, Victoria City has one of the most diverse lifestyles in Asia.  It is also a frequently visited city in the world for the modern urban setting, the old European structures, the variety of food and shopping.  On the first day of visit, tourists go to Victoria Peak which is easily accessible by the Peak Tram. The tramway takes tourists and locals to the upper levels of Hong Kong Island, running from Central HK to Victoria Peak.


Taking a tram ride is already a good way to see much of the Western side of Hong Kong.  It also provides a good view of the harbor and the buildings in the business district. Above the Peak Tower is The Peak where tourists can have a shopping spree at the Victoria Gap complex. The tram itself is already a good piece of historic monument, although it is not the original car. A replica of the first car can be seen at the Peak Tram Historical Gallery, as well as a 1956 fourth generation aluminum car. The viewing deck has a coin-operated telescope for closer views of Hong Kong’s cityscape. Tourists can also see the Mountain Lodge which used to be the governor’s old summer residence. Popular walks that lead to the Victoria Peak Garden is up the Mont Austin Road. There’s also the loop along Luggard Road that provides a good view of Kowloon.


Aside from the panoramic view from The Peak, Victoria has a lot more to offer a photo-addicted traveller. Tourists can hop on one of the harbor cruise ships and marvel on the magnificent skyline from sunset to dusk, and wait until the city-lit metropolis slowly come into view in the evening. A harbor night cruise can be experienced on a 1920s double-decker ferry where complimentary drinks are enjoyed along with the warm evening sea breeze.


The Queens Road is the first business district of Hong Kong Island. Strolling through a street of luxury and skyscrapers gives one a feeling of abundance and ambition. It is where one can jump onto the famous escalator street of Hong Kong. Maps along the roads will prevent one from getting lost in the maze of inviting shopping centers that range from high-end fashion to knick-knacks. Just keep walking along Queens Road and eventually the tour will end up in the Zoological and Botanical Gardens, which is a good break from glass windows and paved roads.