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When to go to East Timor

East Timor is a tropical country with a hot and humid climate regardless of the season. The average temperatures in the country play between 30–35 °C (85–95 °F). The lowest it usually goes is 18 °C (64 °F).

There are two distinct seasons in East Timor: wet and dry.

Wet season is from December to April. In these months, the rain falls in torrents, and small rivers turn huge. Roads have been known to disappear during this season due to flooding or landslide or both. The countryside turns lush green, but it is difficult to reach them because of the lack of roads.

The dry season, which is from May to November, is definitely a more pleasant season in East Timor. The best time to go would be between April and July, right after the wet season, at the end of harvest time, when the country is at its most festive.

One event you would enjoy attending in May is the Expo Nacional, a fair that showcases the products and culture of the country.

May 20 is East Timor’s Independence Day. Considering how rocky this country’s road to independence had been, this holiday is definitely something worth seeing.

And from July to September, you can attend the Sunset Fair. A beachside market is put up, and visitors can browse through the interesting wares, try out the local food, watch local entertainment, and of course, enjoy the sunset.