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When to visit China

Because China is a huge country, weather and climatic conditions differ widely in its many different areas. For instance, while it may be comfortably cool but humid in Xiamen, the air may be freezing cold and dry in Shanghai.

In general, though, the average temperature in China is 53°F (11.8°C). The highest temperatures and the wettest days occur during the months of June and July, with around 88°F (31°C) and an average of 9.6 inches of rainfall. On the other hand, the lowest temperatures are felt during the month of January, at 14°F (–10 °C).

While November to late February or March are comfortable months, the best weather in China is usually during the spring months of March to May or in autumn, which is from September to early November.

If you plan on visiting China during the peak seasons such as the Lunar New Year or summer vacation, be aware that rates can become very steep and it can also be very hard to get a reservation since almost everybody wants to visit China during this period, when China is at its most festive mood.