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Where to Eat in Beijing

Beijing is an inexpensive city for an oriental smorgasbord. There is absolutely no shortage of exciting food to try in a country where almost anything alive is eaten. Here are some of the best eateries worth checking out.

Wangfujing Street


You’ve never been to Beijing if you haven’t eaten on Wangfujing Street. During the day, the street that means “Prince’s Mansion Well” is frequented by city dwellers for the line of restaurants that serve traditional Chinese dishes, candied fruits, lamb kebabs, among many delights. At night, the northern end of Wangfujing which is called Donghuamen is turned into a bustling night market. The whole town seems to collect here to participate in a big street food party.  One can munch on the most unusual food on the planet, as well as grilled food, spring rolls, dimsum and noodles. Adventurous eaters will want to have a taste of scorpions, sheep penis, starfish, seahorse and spiders. Donghuamen is also a good place for Chinese delicacies such as black tofu, qual eggs and Mongolian cheese.

Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant


Peking duck is China’s most popular speciality. Most of the Beijing eateries will serve it but there are few establishments that have perfected this dish from years of making it. Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant serves one of the best Peking duck dish in Beijing. Popular among the Chinese and tourists, the classy establishment also serves other Chinese favorites with a contemporary flair. Another place to have the golden crispy-skinned roast duck is at Li Qun. This establishment is deep in the heart of a crumbling hutong district of Dongcheng, but one can get there by following the ducks drawn on the walls. The place may not be much on decor, but the roast duck is so spectacular that one has to order in advance to avoid a long wait. The humble also serve dishes unique only to this part of China.

Dong Lai Shun Hot Pot


Mutton hotpot is a must-try item when in Beijing. Dong Lai Shun Hot Pot is the oldest and most famous establishment chain in Beijing that serves the imperial Manchu dish. Skilled chefs prepare the hotpot ingredients that are presented in the most elegant oriental fashion. The 100-year old eatery is found in the popular Wangfujing Street and on Xicheng District. When you’re just tired of eating traditional, Kro’s Nest is recommended. The place draws in a large crowd of young eaters and foreigners for their large servings of chicken wings, chips, pizza and onion rings that a can be downed with a cold bottle of local beer.