Beijing City Guide

  • 15 Interesting facts about Beijing

    1) People have been living in the Beijing area since prehistoric times. Back in the 1920s, anthropologists found Homo erectus fossils just outside the city. The fossils were dubbed “Peking man.” 2) Beijing is one […]

  • Where to Stay in Beijing

    Where to Stay in Beijing

    Homestay Inn Beijing is China’s second largest city, next to Shanghai. For this, there’s always a place to stay for tourists, whether one prefers a five-star accommodation or a backpacker’s inn.  There are numerous reasons […]

  • Where to Eat in Beijing

    Where to Eat in Beijing

    Beijing is an inexpensive city for an oriental smorgasbord. There is absolutely no shortage of exciting food to try in a country where almost anything alive is eaten. Here are some of the best eateries […]


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