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Where to go in Cambodia

Koh Tonsáy
beautiful fountain

Koh Tonsáy, which literally means the Rabbit Island, is named such because of its reportedly rabbit-like shape. Located in the Kep Province, Koh Tonsáy is a palm-fringed island covered with white sand and set against a lush forest backdrop.

The island is perfect for swimming, food tripping, and sunbathing. But its peaceful scenery and inherent beauty are what you’re going to love about the island. Here is where you can have a visual feast on the clear sea, striking blue sky, line of bungalows and beach huts, and water crashing toward the shore. At night, you can watch the spectacle that is the starry sky as you listen to the calming sound of the water.

Bokor National Park
Ruins of old French casino building in Bokor, Cambodia. The main attraction in Bokor National Park is the old French hill station at 1,080m.

Located in the Kampot Province, Bokor National Park is a sprawling land of history. The Bokor Hill Station is its main attraction. Built in the 1920s, the hill station is an abandoned French town that was supposed to be turned into a resort. The ruins of the supposed resort are available for viewing, including the Bokor Palace Hotel & Casino, the Royal Apartments, a church, and a post office. The ruins may look spooky at first, but their archaic beauty is a grand spectacle that provides a glimpse into the past.

Thick forests, which make up most of the protected land, add to the unique beauty of Bokor National Park. This makes the park an ideal destination for hiking, trekking, and camping.

The forests serve as a shelter to a diverse collection of flora and fauna, most of which are endemic to the place. Plants not found anywhere in the world are scattered across the forests, while wild animals such as Indian elephant, tiger, Asiatic black bear, yellow-throated martin, and Malayan sun bear are in the thickest parts of the forests. Sighting most of the animals, however, is almost impossible.

Mondulkiri Province
Working with elephants at the Mondulkiri Project

Mondulkiri is the largest yet the least populated province in Cambodia. Located in the eastern region, this province is filled with natural wonders and cloaked with a traditional atmosphere.

Numerous waterfalls make up most of the tourist attractions in Mondulkiri. Visit Bou Sra, Lèng Khin, Chrey Thom, or any of the waterfalls to witness a spellbinding fanfare and to do several outdoor activities like swimming and picnicking. If you are a little less adventurous, content yourself with photographing the mighty waterfalls, which, by the way, are impressively photogenic.

For some cultural immersion, visit the houses in Phnong village, where you can witness the everyday life of the Phnong tribe. Also, don’t pass up the chance to be a mahout for a day. The Elephant Valley Project, an elephant sanctuary, gives mahout short courses wherein you can learn about elephant behavior, take elephant rides, and help in washing the gentle beasts.

Colorful boats on Mekong river, Kratie, Cambodia, Southeast Asia

If you want an alternative Cambodian travel experience, visit the northeastern province Kratie, an up-and-coming tourist destination that offers attractions other than temples. The province is very rural, mirroring the rural Cambodian life.

To perfectly enjoy your Kratie adventure, make sure not to miss watching the Irrawwady dolphins aboard a boat. These are a rare dolphin species living in the Mekong River. Presently, the Irrawaddy dolphins are only around 120 in number, so if you are visiting Cambodia, make sure to pay Kratie a visit.

While in the Mekong River, you might also want to go a little more upstream to see the Mekong Wagtail. This is an endemic bird species and usually makes an appearance on rocks every morning.

Other than these wildlife offerings, Kratie is also known for its beautiful, romantic sunset – a visual attraction you shouldn’t miss.

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