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When to visit Cambodia

As is the case in most Southeast Asian countries, Cambodia has a generally warm climate. Due to its location north of the equator, the climate is influenced by monsoon winds and is divided into four seasons: cool and dry, hot and dry, hot and wet, and cool and wet.

The country’s temperature ranges from 21 to 40 °C (69.8 to 104 °F), with the coolest periods coming in October and the hottest usually coming in around April.

The cool and dry season, lasting from November to February, is pleasantly warm, dry, and breezy. It usually is the best time to visit because of the general clear weather and beautiful color palette. Weather-wise, the months November to January are particularly tourist-friendly.

The temperature begins to rise by February and continues to do so when March begins. The humidity level then gives way to a full-on hot and dry season in April through May. This season is best for temple visits and beach vacations.

By end of May, Cambodia experiences mild rainfall, signaling the start of the hot and wet season. Rainfalls continue all through August, although they are short, rare, and usually limited as afternoon or night rains.

The areas along the coast are a bit different, as they experience more and longer rainy days. Generally, though, the hot and wet season is the best to time visit Angkor Wat and other areas where the backdrop becomes moist, lush, and colorful after the rains.

Rain continues as September rolls in, although the temperature begins to drop noticeably. By October, rain becomes less frequent until it ends the cool and wet season. This leaves the surrounding attractively green, with a dash of other brilliant colors so that by November, the country creates a beautiful background for a perfect vacation.

Don’t let the rains deter you from visiting Cambodia, however. Rains, after all, don’t last an entire day, and they even skip a day or two. More importantly, they leave the country much more colorful and picturesque.

In strictest terms, Cambodia is a magnificent vacation destination all year round, even during the wet seasons.