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When to go to Brunei

Brunei lies in the equatorial zone, northwest of the island of Borneo, bordering Malaysia. Due to its location, with the monsoon winds blowing tirelessly across the sea, it experiences high temperature all year round, reaching as high as 32 °C (90 °F) on its hottest days and 24 °C (75 °F) at its coolest. Expect high humidity, ranging from 70% to 100%, and heavy rainfall too.

Dry season starts in February and usually ends in April. It would be best to go to Brunei between March and April, as this is when the weather is most pleasant. Avoid the rainy season that starts in September and ends in January.

Despite heavy rainfall in December and January, tourists may still want to visit Brunei during these months because this is the end of Ramadan – the time when the palace of the Sultan opens its gates to all the visitors who want to see its splendor.

However, if you dislike heavy rains, February would also be a good time to come since Brunei celebrates its National Day on the 23rd. You’d surely enjoy this great celebration.

Whatever month you go to Brunei, it’s always advisable to wear comfortable cottons and lightweight linens, though you’d also need waterproof rain gear to protect yourself during heavy rains. In choosing your clothes, keep in mind that the people of Brunei tend to dress very conservatively, and it gives the country proper respect if you do the same.