Thimphu City Guide

  • Best Places to See in Thimphu

    Thimphu’s scenic mountain backdrop is a perfect getaway from a scorching summer. The location of the Bhutan capital is an attraction in itself aside from the colourful architecture and wonderful people. Bhutan’s religious and economic […]

  • Where to Stay in Thimpu

    Where to Stay in Thimpu

    Thimpu’s unique geographical setting has not prevented travellers to flock the Bhutan capital. It takes a bit of travelling time from the airport to Thimpu but the idyllic city is well worth the effort. Although […]

  • Where to Eat in Thimphu

    Where to Eat in Thimphu

    Dining in Thimphu is not too heavy on the pocket since establishments patronize local produce.  Surprisingly, the isolated city has a lot of Asian and Western food offerings that’s quite affordable and very satisfying. Here […]


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