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15 Interesting Facts about Dhaka

Dhaka is known around the world as the capital of Bangladesh. Geographically, this city is situated in the center of the country which makes it a hub of activities, including commercial, industrial, agricultural and political. The rich traditions and the interesting history have attracted and continue to attract numerous visitors to this locale. However, this beautiful city is not only about numbers and boring business. Here are some interesting facts about the great city of Dhaka.

1) The people of Bangladesh love cricket. The national stadium is located in Dhaka, and the city is also home to some of the top players in the country.

2) Dhaka has some great textile spots in the region, including jute, muslin and cotton industries. Therefore, people purchase the cloth and order made to measure clothes at a low price.

3) The unofficial national drink of Dhaka is tea. This drink is made using Bangladeshi caffeinated tea and the locals take numerous cups daily.

4) Dhaka is the city of mosques. There are several hundred of them within the locale, both modern and historical structures.

5) Cycle rickshaws are part of the Dhaka culture. The owners are committed to enhancing the appeal of their assets, so there are numerous art shops and paint shops dedicated to this craft.

6) On March 2nd, 1971, the flag of Bangladesh was raised in Dhaka in Dhaka University. In the past, the country was a part of Pakistan.

7) While most of Dhaka is predominantly Islamic, there is a market dubbed Hindu Street in the city. This locale is characterized by vibrant colors, artwork, and jewelry with the classic Indian signature.

8) There are many theories as to why Dhaka is so named. The most popular is the suggestion that it originates from the hidden goddess Dhakeshwari. However, it could also be named for dhak trees or dhak, the musical instrument.

9) The cuisine in Dhaka is not westernized; the most common foods eaten include curries, rice, and diverse local foods. However, fans of baked goods will find the city delightful, especially on Fridays.

10) Dhaka is an extremely cheap place but, the city primarily operates on cash.

11) The city of Dhaka is the primary seat of the Bangladeshi government.

12) There are numerous institutions of learning within the city of Dhaka. The most remarkable is the Dhaka University which was originally founded in 1921.

13) Most of the people in Dhaka are Muslim, so alcohol is limited. However, they can enjoy great evenings and delicious ice cream in Movenpick parlour.

14) This River is a major feature in the city of Dhaka. Whether it is day and night, there are people around it, including porters and boatmen. Often, it is used as a channel for transportation by locals coming into the city.

15) The Greater Dhaka Area has a population of about 17 million people, which makes it one of the most populated cities in the world. In fact, the population density is currently ranked as the third on the globe.