Algeria, the largest country in Africa, has a sublime personality derived mainly from its arresting landscape and fascinating culture.

What people see when they get to Algeria is a nation that highlights its history. In the Sahara desert, it showcases a rich collection of prehistoric cave art. In some cities are ruin complexes. In many places in the country, you will find colonial structures.

But move further into the country, and you’ll come to appreciate its other wonders – the rock formations, the sand dunes, the stretches of beaches, and the craggy mountains – all waiting to be discovered.

The most prized treasure of this North African country is, of course, its people. Hospitable and warm, Algerians will make you feel quite at home. They treat their guests kindly, so you’ll generally feel at ease in Algeria.

The country’s dominant languages are Arabic and Berber. Algerian Arabic is somewhat different from the Arabic used in other parts of the world. Since Algeria was a former French colony, French is also still used, especially in the government and in the media.

Algeria is an Islam nation. Ninety percent of its people follow the Islam faith; most of them are Sunni Muslims. The rest of the population is composed of Christians (Roman Catholics and Protestants) and Jews.

Algeria is a land with unique characteristics. Interweaving its past with its present, its history with modernity, Algeria continues to present itself as a worthwhile destination.

Before planning your trip, though, make sure to check travel advisories, as some parts of Algeria have an uncertain state of security.

And when you visit, you may need an adapter for your electronic gadgets. Electricity is supplied at 230 volts. Outlets are designed for plugs with two round pins.

Photo by: Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak @flickr