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Hwange National Park

When to visit Zimbabwe

When to visit Zimbabwe is a personal preference; it depends entirely on your vacation plans. But the weather, of course, is a factor. And fortunately, weather in Zimbabwe is moderate.

Generally, the country experiences a temperature that does not go colder than 7 °C (46 °F) and hotter than 33 °C (90 °F), which means that whatever you decide to do, you are likely to experience a tolerable weather.

Zimbabwe usually expects rainfall within the months of December to March, although in some instances, rains arrive as early as November. The lower parts of the country receive less rainfall than the higher parts.

Rains, however, won’t a cause a trouble, since they usually arrive either in the morning or evening.

The transition period begins in April and May, when the country experiences some dryness. By this time, the environment is brighter and more verdant from the rains, and the temperature is a little cooler.

The cold temperature will peak from June to August. And this is when Zimbabwe typically receives the highest number of visitors.

Dry-season animals also start to become visible during these months and up until September to October, which is a very hot period. Animals gather around waterholes – a perfect chance for an exciting game viewing experience.