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Adrenaline adventures

What to do in Zimbabwe

Adrenaline adventures

adrenaline adventures Adrenaline adventures are done in Victoria Falls. An adrenaline high plus the thundering sound of the Victoria Falls – what could be more exciting than this?

To avoid the shock of your life, try the least intense activity first – abseiling or rap jumping. Tackle the rocky Batoka Gorge as you move downward either facing the gorge itself or the lush scenery of the forested surrounding. It’s no sweat unless you have fear of heights.

If abseiling doesn’t seem to induce adrenaline high, then try flying fox. While suspended 120 meters high, bravely travel across the Zambezi River on a cable line, with your hands spread like wings. Flying fox involves little gradient, which means there should be less howling on your part.

Zip line introduces some gradient, but it’s more enjoyable and fun. Strapped to a seat harness, you will slide 425 meters above the river and across Batoka Gorge at a faster speed on a longer cable line. It’s a heart-thumping experience, and screaming is understandable.

You are expected to scream longer and louder when you do the gorge swing. Go jump off the platform and have a free fall 50 meters down. Before you know it, you’re swinging pendulum-like above the river.

Of course, bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge is not to be passed up. Have four seconds of free fall into the air, diving 111 meters down as the air rushes to your face in one the highest bungee jumps in the world.


Whitewater rafting

Adrenaline adventures The Zambezi River is famous among whitewater rafting enthusiasts for having the wildest, most thrilling rapids in the world. The rapids are classified as Grade 5, which means they’re very challenging.

But coursing through the turbulent waters is an enjoyable challenge, especially when you do it with equally adventurous and daring souls. Begin the challenge by walking the steep road toward the Batoka Gorge, and then continue by navigating the stretch of wild waters.

You can book for either a half- or full day trip. But just a note: you have to be physically fit for this, as the rough waters and the walk to the gorge can be extra rigorous.


Walking with the lions

Walking with the lions You probably have never shared space with lions. Even if they’re caged, you might dread going anywhere near them.

Not in Lion Encounter, a breeding center in Masuwe Estate, where mingling with lion cubs is possible.

For 90 minutes, you can closely observe how they play, behave, and live the life in a wild setting. In fact, you can even walk with them through the bush – an attraction that drives scores of visitors to the area.

The lion cubs, which are 3 to 16 months old, are fully restrained, so human security is absolutely guaranteed. There are also professional handlers managing the encounter.

Expect your short interaction with the lion cubs to be moving, educating, and memorable. Savor every minute, because it’s not every day you get to be with lion cubs and witness how they prepare for their future introduction to the wild.


Game drive. Safari car on game drive with animals around, Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. No Zimbabwean trip, or any Southern African trip for that matter, is ever complete without a safari adventure. In fact, many tourists have African safari as their sole purpose for visiting.

With rich wildlife, lush vegetation, and exceptional national parks, it is easy to explain why Zimbabwe is one of the top-rated safari destinations in Africa. Here is where game viewing is at its best, flooding you with wildlife experiences and bringing you to a point of wild appreciation.

A safari also uncovers the natural gem of Zimbabwe. As you feast on the wildlife sceneries, you will be overwhelmed by a display of landscape beauty – from the grasslands to the mountain ranges, from the waterholes to the flowing waters.

Certainly, what Zimbabwe lacks in economic wealth, it makes up for in scenic spots.

Safari tour can be done in multiple ways – you can have a driving safari, canoe safari, walking safari, elephant back safari, or horse riding safari. But whichever way you intend to explore the wild, the wildlife is guaranteed to leave a lasting picture in your mind.

Tiger fishing

tiger fishing Tiger fish exist in huge numbers in Zimbabwean waters, particularly in Zambezi River and Lake Kariba. This explains why tiger fishing is a popular tourist activity in the country.

Every year, in fact, Zimbabwe hosts a tiger fishing tournament, which is attended by around 600 anglers. But even if you’re not an angling enthusiast, you can enjoy a serene time at the waters and angle for the prized fish.

You can try different angling methods – bait fishing, trolling, casting, and fly fishing. But whichever method you choose, expect the tiger fish to mightily leap and wiggle when it strikes at the bait and even after boating it. Widely known as a strong fighting fish, the tiger fish will relentlessly fight for survival.

Remember, though, that you have to surrender your catch in accordance with the catch-and-release policy of the country.

Several fishing camps are situated along Zambezi River and Lake Kariba. Boats and houseboats can be rented.