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 Find a souvenir to take home with you

What to Do in Zambia

Catch an aerial view of the Victoria Falls


The Victoria Falls is an amazing sight to behold, and Zambia tourism has made it possible to see its combination of grace and power from up close, via bridges and walkways.

But if you wish to see the Victoria Falls in its full glory, the best view is from the air.

For an aerial view of the falls, micro-flight and fixed wing aircraft flights are available for tourists.

Now it’s one thing to look at the waterfalls from the relative safety of solid ground; it’s quite another thing to swoop down on it and marvel at the water’s force and strength from up in the air several meters directly above the thundering waters.

Don’t worry, though, as the aircraft will be piloted by a professional, and you would be in the backseat just enjoying the experience. The flight will start from the upper portion of the Zambezi River, eventually moving across the deep gorge created by the waterfall.

For the less adventurous, you may still opt to see the falls from an aerial view through helicopter flights, but from a distance much greater than what the micro-flight and fixed wing aircrafts can give you.

 Find a souvenir to take home with you

 Find a souvenir to take home with you

If you wish to take home a piece of Zambia with you, look no further than the multitude of crafts that you can see in the markets and stores. Zambian crafts are known to be special and unique, made with materials gathered only from natural Zambian surroundings.

Zambian crafts include animal figures in carved in wood, stone, or malachite; also masks, marimbas, drums, eating utensils, jewelry, decorative ornaments, and so much more.

One of the most famous places for finding quality Zambian crafts is the Mukuni Victoria Falls Craft Village. Located near Victoria Falls, it is a popular stopover for tourists coming from their visit of the waterfall.

When buying these crafts, it’s all right to haggle with the store or stall owners. Additionally, stores can even barter items with you for goods that are hard to find in Zambia, such as clothes and shoes.

Go fishing

Fishing is both a major source of livelihood and a popular hobby in Zambia. With the number of lakes and rivers in the country – not forgetting, of course, the bountiful Zambezi River – and the number and variety of fish that you can catch in Zambia, the country is a veritable fisherman’s paradise!

Major lodges that are situated near the lakes and rivers allow you to rent fishing boats and equipment for your fishing trips.

Fishing in Zambia is a social experience, so you can expect greetings and small talk from other fishermen in the river or lake.

The main catches in Zambia are bream and tiger fish. The tiger fish, in particular, is considered by fishermen from all over the world as one of the finest fish for game because of its strength and speed – a combination that makes it a worthy catch for any skilled fisherman.

At Sinazongwe, there is even an annual Tiger Fishing Competition that is participated in by amateurs and professionals. The event is usually held in May.

 Ride a kayak

 Ride a kayak

The many rivers in Zambia each have their own personality – some are timid and calm, while others are rough and roaring.

Tourists can experience these personalities up close through riding a kayak, either with a tour guide or on their own.

Kayaking posts can be found along rivers. There you can rent kayaks, helmets, and life vests.

In calmer rivers, they would allow you to paddle the kayak on your own. This is a very peaceful experience that would make you appreciate the beauty of the river shores, along with the wildlife roaming on its edges.

However, for the more adventurous, you can try white-water kayaking. With an experienced kayaker, you can traverse the rough parts of rivers, crashing through the waves and twisting turns.

Go on a walking safari

Go on a walking safari

The walking safari is one of the major attractions of Zambia. True to its name, walking safaris don’t put you in jeeps and rovers that only give you a glimpse of the wildlife – you walk with your safari guide and seeing the animals up close. In some cases, you may even be fortunate enough to get to interact with them.

Most of the parks and game lodges in Zambia offer this option. The safari group takes a vehicle towards their destination. The the group alights and continues their trip on foot.

As you pass by certain animals, the safari guide will tell you all about them. You might even be allowed to go very close to friendlier animals such as chimps and birds.

Walking safaris might sound dangerous, but as long as you listen to your safari guide and follow his instructions, you won’t be harmed by the animals. In fact, they might not even notice that you’re there as you observe their natural way of living.

Going on a walking safari in Zambia is a life-changing experience that will make you love nature even more.