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Lake Mburo National Park

When to Visit Uganda

It is practically summer the whole year in Uganda, due to the country’s equatorial location and its high elevation.

There are two rainy seasons in Uganda: The short rainy season is from April to May, while the long rainy season is from September to November.

However, even during these rainy seasons, the sun is shining most of the time.

Rains also occur most often in the night until early morning, allowing tourists to roam the land freely during the day.

The temperature remains pretty stable throughout the whole year. The lowest temperatures experienced in the country are at 9 to 11°C (48.2 to 51.8°F) while the hisghest temperatures are at 27 to 29°C (80.6 to 84.2°F).

Of course, locations in Uganda that have higher elevation are the ones that experience the country’s colder temperatures.

It is always a good time to visit Uganda, but if you’re looking for the very best times, that would be either between December to March or from June to August. Visiting during these months allows you to avoid the minimal rainy season completely. It would also let you participate in the long list of activities that are usually scheduled during the completely dry season.

Uganda is a beautiful country made even more beautiful by its climate. You will surely get all the chances to explore without worry that the weather will make things difficult for you.